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  1. Browsers, in general, will most likely always present challenges for Evernote specifically, but other plug-ins, etc. that operate within that ever evolving environment as well. Even if Evernote just concentrates its development on the most used web browsers, the two major operating systems add to the possibility of various problems occurring with each new iteration.
  2. These are my initial observations as a beta-tester. The attached image shows content from one page of my Evernote desktop version & web-based beta version. As you can see, the web-based beta version is twice as long as my desktop version. Hyperlinks are displayed in my web-based beta version and the images in the table of the web-based beta version are not centered as they are in the table of my desktop version.
  3. Just to confirm, I have also been experiencing this problem with the changing 'view states' of PDF files within notes on my iMac with my most recent version of the Evernote desktop application (7.5 (457109)). This did not occur at all with any of the previous versions of Evernote so perhaps this issue can be resolved after closer examination of this PDF behavoir.
  4. Thank you for your response. Greatly appreciated. I've noticed that access to this folder (whether through a maze of folders or menu/key combinations) seems to change periodically. I've been using Evernote since version one back in 2005.
  5. I am currently using Evernote (Version 6.12.1 - 455453 Direct) on my iMac. Where is the 'CONTENT' folder (that contains all of the individual notes) located? In advance, thank you for your assistance with this.
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