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  1. I had removed Adblock Plus and replaced it with Disconnect. But this comment was enough for me to try whitelisting evernote.com in Disconnect and it appears that the clipper is now working again. No more random log outs and having to log back in. At least for the 15-20 minutes after signing in again. So I would assert that any ad blocker, tracking remover might cause problems with the clipper. It seems to only happen for me on Safari. But I don't use Chrome or Firefox enough to know for sure.
  2. I join the chorus of folks with this issue. Web clipper stopped working with a little dot next to the elephant. I get the sign in screen, but almost every time I go to clip I have to sign in again. Someone suggested allowing cookies from all sites I vist, vs just the current site. But I allow only the current site to help cut down on tracking cookies across sites. This may not cut down on advertisers, but I figure it can't hurt. I recently installed Disconnect which helps block tracking betwteen web sites. I wonder if that has anything to do with the clipper failing. I can disable that extension and see what happens.
  3. I just tried clicking clipper button twice, and at least on this particular page it worked. To me, this is an indication that it is not safari but, the evernote extension. Perhaps a safari update broke the extension. I can't correlate an update with clipper starting to issue these errors, but that would make the most sense. The majority of pages I try to clip in safari recently have stopped working. Thanks to all who offered the work arounds. Steven
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