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  1. All great ideas here on this topic - I'd like to add one more... I would LOVE the ability to be able to manually rearrange (drag and drop) the sort order of my notes within any given notebook myself, and then have EN save the sort order by default any time it changes. I'm now beginning to use EN as a scriptwriting outline tool, and it's actually working great so far. But I'd love the ability to be able to create scenes at random, and then later rearrange them, trying out different orders, etc... Sorting by date and/or title isn't that helpful in this particular regard, so to be able to have auto-save per notebook (at the notebook level in addition to global), PLUS manual rearrange would absolutely make EN my default note-taking app for a LOOOOOONG time to come - love being able to create a note and then be able to just pick up where I left off as I move between my iMac, iPad, and iPhone - brilliant! Cheers, Jason