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  1. I'm going to try to use evernote phone app to scan, but def will avoid the ix1400 when looking for a replacement. I loved letting my mail/docs pile and then feed them into the scanner. Thanks for the tips
  2. Yeah i wonder. Or i gotta shell out the cash and get a new version. I have too much to just use the phone to take pics. Ugh thanks again for your help. I’ll probably reach out to customer service first at fujitsu
  3. Yeah same thing when i flip it. Yeah front and back text. Or image, same thing. Pretty sure its a hardware thing. Any idea where to get a lamp? Had it for about 6 years now so maybe it was time
  4. My scanner is IX500EN and I use Evernote Legacy on windows. Yeah everything is up to date with the software and it just started happening. I do think its the bulb. When I flip the page, to scan the blurred image, it works, but blurs whatever side is facing that side. I was wondering if I can just replace the part that is messed up. If I convert it, the images will still be blurred. Sucks. I appreciate your feedback though
  5. Attachment.pdf Hey All, Check out my attached PDF. Second page is always blurry. I've cleaned the light bar where it scans, but no change. I'm wondering if the light is out. Any ideas? Thanks in advance I"m using the scansnap evernote edition by fujitsu. everything is up to date
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