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  1. That was harsh @DTLow ? so is this offline feature for Mac still in the work? Thanks
  2. Hi To record quick ideas, I would like to make Evernote (Mac) record the sound coming from my keyboard which is plugged to my audio interface. Somebody recommended the app SoundFlower but I don't know how to configure it right. Any help please? Thanks
  3. Hi, Everything was good just a week ago, but now My evernote won't sync notes anymore I get an exclamation point on the sync icon. A support tech asked me to logout and login again and move the database to another location So I thought i'd first export my notes to an external hard drive, now it seemed stucked too the green bar won't progress... One issue leads to another Any help please?
  4. this topic is interesting i'm following!
  5. up! where is the process on this higlight feature evernote?
  6. Excuse me but I got 2 questions: 1/ -Execute the following command line in admin mode : regsvr32.exe /u EvernoteOL.dll How to execute that command ? do you talk about windows console ( cmd) ? 2/ Why do I pay for a service that don't work ? This is very frustrating from a customer point of view .... Ok Now I'm stucked can't uninstall and can't install
  7. Not such file in my temp folder (it's empty) should I copy and paste my Evernote.exe in it?
  8. So what to uninstall in leftover registry items? all the "autoupdate" section as shown? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. We need that feature so much.... I don't know why this takes so long to implement, is it so much work on your hands?
  10. hi UP! please same error message here!!!!
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