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  1. All they would have to do would be to right click on the note you shared with them and copy it to a notebook of their own. They will then be able to edit it and add their own notes to it without it changing anything in your notebook.
  2. Hi J, When you go to share a notebook, you should have an option to decide if members can view only or modify. You would want to select view only. Let me know if you need more help! Megan
  3. If you haven't put a ton of effort into building your site yet, you might want to check out this years DevCup winner, Postach.io. They publish notes that you select in a blog format. But then your site is hosted by them, rather than what you've already built. They have a lot of great looking themes and choices so I would check it out! It might work really well for you.
  4. Hi Flavio, I'm Megan, the Student Ambassador. I would love to help you out with this in any way that I can. Feel free to get a hold of me!
  5. Thanks for sharing this, Greg! Definitely a great look at using Evernote for papers. I use a very similar process as well for my own papers. I'll be sure to share your post with my fellow students! Megan
  6. Hi apmot. While you can't insert straight from the file into your notes, something that I will often do for my own classes is just copy and paste the text from the pdf of the powerpoint. That way I'll have everything from the slides and can fill in my own notes as we go along. Have you tried doing that?
  7. Those are great points! I can also see the benefits of it for some classes. In discussion based classes, it definitely can make sense. That is a great point! It definitely doesn't stop me from using Evernote for school either. Plus it's giving me a chance to try out the new Evernote Moleskin I can also see the reasoning behind a no tech policy. In discussion based classes, it definitely can make sense. And thankfully, as you said, it's still a great tool that's available to us outside of class!
  8. That's such a good point! Everyone learns in such different ways and I think that everyone should have their choice. Most of the professors that I've spoken to about their policies only have them in place because they think that their students will spend class on Facebook rather than listening to lecture. But just because you take away a student's laptop, doesn't mean that they will pay attention. But no matter what a professor's policy is, at least we can still search all of our notes!
  9. I was definitely excited to get the Moleskine at ETC and will be using that for one of my classes. I have also used my iPad for handwriting. Paper is always my last resort for classes that I have no other choice in.
  10. I don't know about everyone else, but I hate when professors tell me that they have a "no technology policy" in their classes. Of course, I have 3 this semester. So rather than having all of my notes and handouts already in Evernote, I take my notes by hand and then immediately scan them in when I finish the day. Not ideal, but still works. Does anyone else have these kinds of classes at their schools? How do you like to handle them?
  11. Welcome to Evernote! Yes you can upload all of those files into a note. If you're using the Desktop client, just drag the file into the note and then sync!
  12. Looks like some great ideas here! As said earlier in this topic, there are endless ways that you can organize your Evernote account. I like to use Evernote for pretty much every aspect of my life, so I have a separate notebook for each of my classes, with all of them in a single stack. This allows me to keep things separated by class, but at the same time, I can close the stack if I don't want to think about school for a few minutes. Keeping your textbooks in a digital form is an excellent idea! It's actually why I ended up getting an iPad. I wanted to be able to carry around all of my class materials without actually having to carry all of my materials. Having searchable books makes everything easier. All of my friends are jealous when I can just easily search through a massive text book to find the one sentance that I need to reference. JCM listed some great ideas in his reply! Check them out. Also, the links that GrumpyMonkey posted are excellent. Keep the ideas coming!
  13. As we get closer and closer to July (can't believe I'm saying that), a lot of students are getting ready for their freshman year of college. How are you using Evernote to prepare? Keeping track of all the things you need to get? Organizing your schedule? How else are you using Evernote?
  14. Well, as a student myself, even though I am at the college level, I have definitely used Evernote to improve my education. Being organized can be a huge asset to a student. But, not every student is organized. To use myself as an example, when I was in high school (in my pre-EN days) I was still incredibly organized. Binders, dividers, planners, I went all out. But other students were not that way. Now, sometimes that didn't matter and they still did fine, but for some students, that lack of organization was the difference between high grades and the ones that they were receiving, simply because they couldn't find their information to study/write papers. Evernote makes it easy. Even for an unorganized person, it's pretty much impossible not to be able to find something. The search options are so advanced that you can find anything you've captured pretty much instantaneously. That makes it easy to pull together research for a paper or create a comprehensive study guide. And in the end, that has definitely made me more motivated, simply because I know that when I sit down to write a paper, I'm not going to have to go through the same research possibly hundreds of times just to finish. But, obviously this will be different for every student. That is just my personal experience.
  15. I use Evernote for all of my financial aid stuff. Applying for aid and scholarships is a pain. But since we all have to do it, might as well try and make it a little easier. All of my financial information goes into the same notebook and then filling out forms is a little bit easier.
  16. Hi Pep. Thanks for inviting me to this discussion. I would tend to agree with what has already been said. There are a lot of different ways to use Evernote in a classroom. Some of them function more like a tool while others are definitely innovative. The cool thing about Evernote is that there is no set way in which you can use it. Every user can come up with their own ideas and uses for it. You could come up with a new way to use it that no one else has done before. I would like to respond to your question about Evernote in schools that cannot afford personal computers for each student. In my experience, schools that purchase personal computers for each of their students do that so each student can have all of their files, etc., in one place, removed from space on the school's server. I would say that Evernote takes away that need. If every student can access all of their notes, files, and everything else that they need from any computer, then is there even a need for personal computers in schools? I think that for schools that cannot afford to make a purchase for each student, Evernote could be even more innovative and more impactful. Megan
  17. Ineidert, I do often use the Web Clipper to clip different postings that I find about jobs and internships. I can say that I have recently accepted an internship that I had clipped into my Internship notebook, so I guess you could say it's paying off! I would definitely say that it has paid off in other ways as well. Especially when it comes to internships, there are always going to be essays as a part of the application. A lot of them are very similar to each other. Since I have all of my application information in the same place, I don't necessarily have to rewrite each essay from scratch. I can just adjust them. A lot of the information on different applications will be the same in general as well. Having everything in one place can make it a lot easier to go through a lot of applications in less time. Megan P.S. Sorry it took me so long to reply!
  18. So college students obviously has the goal of eventually getting a job. But a lot of us hope to find a part time job or internship related to our field while we are still earning our degree. For me, I have a notebook dedicated to my internship and job search. I'll end up with several notes for each application. Usually one for the actual application, one with any essays required, another for recommendations, etc. I tag each note with the name of the place I'm applying to to keep them all together. I'll also clip web sites with internship information to the notebook. How do you use Evernote to organize and streamline your application processes?
  19. Back in February there was a post on the Noteworthy Blog about a teacher using Evernote to create portfolios for his middle schools students (You can find the post here if you didn't see it http://blog.evernote.com/2012/02/28/how-to-create-a-portfolio-with-evernote-education-series/) That made me have the idea to do the same for the work I've done in college. In today's economy, portfolios are very important. So I decided to create my own portfolio in Evernote! It's really limited and basic right now, but I'm hoping to expand it over the summer. Does anyone else use Evernote for their digital portfolio? What kinds of things do you include?
  20. Hi everyone! My name is Megan Cotter and I am the new Student Ambassador for Evernote! I am a student at the University of Pittsburgh, double majoring in English Writing and Communication. I love music, theater, technology, sports, etc. If you haven't seen my post on the Noteworthy Blog yet, check it out for some tips on how to use Evernote for college! http://blog.evernote...r-megan-cotter/ Also follow me on Twitter @OtterMC for some more tips and other exciting things! If you have any questions for me on how I use Evernote or have any cool ways that you use it, let me know on the forum here, or on Twitter! I'm really excited to lend my expertise to anyone who's interested! Look out for some questions that I'll be asking on the forum soon! Megan
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