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  1. Thanks for chiming in. When I double click the note and open in it's own window it does not have this same bottom margin problem.
  2. Hi, I noticed with the latest EN for Windows (5.0.x) that occasionally if the note is exactly the right length the bottom of the note is note visible or appears to be overlapped by something. See this example: There is text above the link that is not visible in the example above. If I add text or increase space then things become visible again, but that bottom white bar is always there. It may have to do with scrolling... I can't seem to figure out the exact cause. At any rate, some notes have a normal looking bottom, like this: While others looks weird and flirt with the problem above: Anyone else seeing this? BTW, I searched and couldnt' find a similar thread, sorry if this is old news.
  3. Hi, I'm very happy to see Evernote 5 for Windows, thanks for the upgrade and generally nicer UEX. I have to say though one thing is consistently snagging me. When I create a new note, I am constantly clicking into the "search" field to give a title to my new note (instead of the title field). I do this almost every time without thinking. I think the chief reasons are: 1) the search field is situated right above the new note and aligns perfectly with the note, and 2) the title field itself is not clearly editable, it just says "Untitled note Does anyone else have this issue? I get that it says "Search all notes" but for some reason... I still do it. Anyway, I work in software and would appreciate this type of UEX feedback, so there you go. Best, VSZ
  4. Update: Evernote support acknowledged that this is a defect and will prioritize it into a future release. Here's the message I got: Cool, thanks Evernote!
  5. Two days later and no meaningful response from Evernote support... still holding out hope for an acknowledged bug.
  6. Robtmil, you're right - my phrasing was bad. I meant to say special formatting like tables, checkboxes, etc. Did you get this problem without any special formatting? BTW all, I submitted a support case to Evernote and so far they having me jump through first level hoops... Will keep you updated.
  7. Thanks to everyone who has reported a similar problem. It seems like my problem is on a note with special formatting (using tables). So I think TeresaTT is on to something about the circumstances in which this problem crops up. GaryLKing's note has checkboxes and mine has tables. I think we've found a valid bug that leads to data loss. VSZ
  8. Thanks Gary. I certainly did sync as that was my first thought. I know it was synced b/c the read mode version of the note was updated. It's only when I entered edit mode the second/third/fourth time on the android client that I noticed that it was showing me an outdated version. I think edit mode is caching and showing me an older version of the note that I'd previously pulled up on this device. I'd appreciate it if someone could try it to see if its a bug or just something screwy from my side. So repro steps are: - Open an existing note on android in edit mode, save a change. - Open same note on another client (windows, mac, whatever) and save some newer change - Go back to the android client and sync. See the update in read mode, then enter edit mode. You should still see the old version in edit mode.
  9. I have a note that I use as a workout log. This means that I update the same note many times per week, sometimes from my computer (windows client) other times from my android phone (at the gym). I noticed that the first time I edited the note from the phone, it worked as expected. On subsequent days, after making edits from the windows client, I sync'ed my phone and the note displays correctly (up to date) in read mode. However, once I enter edit mode on the phone it shows me an old version of the note. There is nothing I can do to update it. Worst still, I didn't notice the first time that this happened and I ended up saving the note so that I lost a bunch of data. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there something I can do to update my note in edit mode? Seems like a pretty bad bug since it leads to data loss if not careful.
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