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  1. I just registered to share the one thing that disturbs me in Evernote. The clipping, voice recording and all that stuff is really neat and new, but one basic thing that's missing are templates for Headings. Just like in Microsoft word, but only a handful styles, like e.g. Heading 1, Heading 2, standard. I believe that just a few templates for headings are of great value for anybody using Evernote to write down thoughts about a topic. Personally, everything I write down needs a heading, and doing this by hand every time is annoying and unnecessary for users. Anybody who writes down her thoughts in a structured way needs this. So what would I imagine this feature to look like? Well, there should be a standard style for every notebook, meaning that there is a fixed format for normal input and headings. When you want to write down a heading, there should be a button that increases the fontsize, and makes the text bold. But after pressing enter to start a new line, it should switch back to the standard format again. Just like in Microsoft Word. This will make it much easier to structure your works and put them down in a recognizable way. Also, the only advantage of a real notebook in my eyes is exactly that writing these headings is easy and instant. I hope that this will be considered as a new feature, Kind Regards
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