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  1. I'm paying for many years now. I actually cannot believe that EN still seems to be thinking about implementing markdown or not. People won't tell you, but they will just leave to somewhere else. Poor support for MS Office content is one thing, as I can imagine it is not easy to keep up to date with their changes. But a minimalistic, widespread format as markdown should really be a no-brainer. I also consider it as a very poor customer relationship behavior to not continuously inform the user base on plans. I see signs that further development/improvement is slowed down and it is not much invested into the product anymore. Just cash in and hoping existing users fear the migration efforts. That would be the beginning of the end. We've seen this behavior before with other tools... Another few months, and I'm most probably gone.
  2. Hello, there is a strange behavior when copying simple text from Evernote to Powerpoint using clipboard. The expected behavior when pasting while the cursor is located within a text box would be, to paste the text at the location of the cursor, right? Not so. It does something, but the text box does not change. It just brings up the little selector for "original/traget format / text only". A bug? Only today I found out that it works when nothing is selected in Powerpoint, creating a new text box. Somehow I always tried to put plain text within a text box... rgds, Frank
  3. Hi, first of all, I use Evernote on the Mac and iOS devices every day and love the concept. Unfortunately, I experience a couple of strange problems on the Mac (Lion) and want to know, whether the problem is entirely on my side or others meet the same issues. 1) Stability on export/import by drag'n'drop Export and importing binary files by drag and drop (PDF, MS Office-Documents, photos) causes Evernote crashing quite often. Repeating the same operation after restart sometimes works - but in some cases I have to try it several times. As it finally works and I experience this behavior with very different files, I don't believe this to be an issue with the file itsself. I usually sent the error-logs, when online. 2) Lists List behave rather strange sometimes. Inserting an list item sometimes breaks the list into two and I have to reconnect every line by "backspace-backspace-return". In some cases, I can't remove an empty list entry at the end of the list, the list marker just stays there. It seems to get worse, when I copied the lists from other programms (Office, Mail...) 3) Inserting Text Inserting text at a defined position is sometimes not possible. The Text is not always put in at the position I set the cursor before, when I start typing. When I Insert Text below a certain line and press enter at the end of the line, sometimes this line even moves above the former line! This happens rather often when working with horizontal lines from the text-menu. Another big wish from my side: is it possible to support (Multi-)Markdown as an alternative form? A simple switch could choose the method for every note and even convert the content in both directions... This would IMHO make the exchange with any text application much more easy and reliable across all platforms... Besides this - thank you for your good work and best regards! -fb-
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