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  1. TechBarber, That would sound great in theory, but I can't even get my wife to look at our shared notebooks. Some of the family members I'm giving the USB drives to don't even have smart phones and wouldn't even know how to turn on an iPhone much less use Evernote. Instead, I just want them to hand the USB stick to a doctor and not have to worry about shared notebooks in a time of emergency. It will just be up to me to keep those USB sticks up to date. Thanks!
  2. I am also in the process of doing this for my 14th month old daughter. She has a rare genetic disorder and has spent quite a few weeks in hospitals. Her journey through life will not be easy and I'm in the process of trying to organize all medical bills and records in Evernote. I also will be updating her medical records onto USB flash drives for everyone in the family to carry. I'm not sure it will be an up to date process for those flash drives, I'm thinking I'll have to do everything manually as of right now. If I figure out a different solution, I'll let you know! Kyle
  3. LONGTIME Evernote user here. I am constantly surprised at how often I find new use cases. Lately, Evernote has proved invaluable for our family with our child's medical situation. Our 9 month old daughter has a very rare genetic disorder just discovered in the last month and we're constantly in doctors offices, longs stays at the children's hospital, and lots of research. My wife and I share a notebook and add every medical bill, article we read, and notes we take when talking to the doctors. Many times only one of us is at the hospital, so when we take notes, the other person can go into the notebook and read the notes after the doctors leave. I've even used it to record a doctors conversation so I could go back and listen. (he spoke with a thick accent). We're also in the process of scanning and updating in Evernote, her entire medical records from each hospital and doctors visit. In the next 2 weeks we have 3 appointments with 3 different specialists and I plan to take my iPad and use Evernote to take notes. It's great to have the notes to refer to when talking to a different specialists or even when explaining it to friends and family. We also use it to keep our daughters birth certificate and social security card on file which has been invaluable when filling out all of those medical forms! I honestly could write and talk about Evernote use cases for days. But in the last month, this use case has been a great piece of mind for our family when it comes to my daughters medical condition.
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