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  1. Nope. Still not there. Even with Ctrl-Cmd-E or Opt-Cmd-F (both work on Mac), navigating in Evernote 10 is much more tedious and inconvenient than the elegance of Cmd-J in Evernote Legacy. Seems like such a step backwards. Not only that but it seems based on my testing that tag-based searches yield inconsistent results. Notes that I know have a tag do not show up in search but show up via navigation via mouse / sidebar. Please fix this. I've been using Evernote for 10 years and annoyed that I'm paying for a worse product and that I still have to use the legacy version to remain productive.
  2. This is an old topic but I recently ran into this myself. I found the solution was to shutdown Evernote and then pop open Terminal and remove the following .plist file in your local Library directory: rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.evernote.ENAttachmentToPDFHelper.plist To be safe you could also drag it to your Desktop first or delete from the Finder. After restarting Evernote, the correct font should now be used in your image annotations. It worked for me with Evernote version 7.14 on MacOS 10.14 anyway. Hoping this helps someone else.
  3. Just set up a new Mac (MBP 2018) and am seeing the same issue. Hotkey works fine on other machine.
  4. Apparently this issue doesn't affect your monitor. I'm using a 27" Apple Cinema Display and the issue is quite apparent. Buying a new monitor is not an option. This has also already been acknowledge by Evernote's engineers as a real issue. This is a good tip. If only Evernote could apply the same rendering logic they are already using elsewhere in their own code. It really is quite astonishing.
  5. Welp here we are in May 2019 and they still haven't fixed this issue. Pathetic. For the first time in 7 years I decided to not renew my Premium membership. It is apparent that Evernote doesn't really care about their customers.
  6. After two months I followed up with support again and got literally the exact same response. I pressed further and was told that the issue is more complex than anticipated. I find it hard to grasp that a company whose bread and butter is a note taking application cannot figure out a way to make their app render note text properly. Why do none of my other apps for the Mac have this problem? So I really don't believe that response but whatever. Not a lot I can do about it other than take my business elsewhere. Supposedly the fix will not make it in the next two release cycles so I'm expecting at least two months more of this annoyance. I've already started replacing Evernote in my workflow for certain things as a result. If this problem doesn't get fixed before my subscription expires in May I will not be renewing my premium membership. I find the situation pretty pathetic. It really feels like Evernote's QA is getting worse and worse and I'm losing my love of the app after years of daily use.
  7. Yes exactly right. I believe it may be related to older non-retina displays. I'm on the Mac and Evernote looks perfectly fine on my MacBook Pro's retina screen. When I hook it up to my Apple Cinema Display, however, the issue reveals itself. My external display may be older but it's a beautiful piece of hardware that I dropped over a g-note on some years ago. I've changed my MacBook multiple times but not my display and I'm sure as heck not about to throw it away because Evernote no longer supports it or because it's not the "latest and greatest". It's far more likely that I will throw Evernote away. I also believe that this is a probably a very simple bug to fix because if you open Evernote in a new window on an old display the issue just corrects itself. Just render the text in the main window the exact same way you are doing in the new window! What that says to me is that the only reason this is not getting fixed is because frankly it's just not a real concern to them. That customers like us make up a very negligible section of their customer base and they don't care if their product does not perform optimally for us. Whether or not that is true, it's certainly the impression they are giving.
  8. Really disappointed to see this issue lingering on into 2019. I reached out to support around the turn of the year and was told they are diligently working on a fix but with no ETA. Now a month has come and gone and this issue persists. I've been a die-hard Evernote user for over 7 years but stuff like this combined with the increasing software bloat is really starting to frustrate me. I have begun evaluating several other note taking apps as a result and while I haven't found a perfect drop in replacement for Evernote, for the first time I'm starting to seriously weigh how important those missing features are. Bear in particular has stood out to me as the most attractive at the moment. But like others I'm sure, I really would rather stick with what I'm used to. Evernote should be careful to not tip the scales here and lose loyal customers because of apathy. I honestly don't understand why a big company like this can't resolve this more quickly.
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