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  1. Another vote for SVG support. I use a note taking application called Write on android which has fantastic features that aren't provided by the native Evernote handwriting option as yet. However Write saves it's notes to Evernote as html files with embedded SVG images so I can't easily view - or worse, search - the notes in Evernote.
  2. After updating Evernote on my tablet the layout seems much more suited to a phone than a tablet. The large square previews of notes in browse mode have disappeared and replaced with thin lines with tiny images for each note pushed over to the far right. The old layout was much better for tablets in my opinion and hopefully something like it will be returned soon. The beauty of having large images of my handwritten notes in browse mode was that it was easy to scroll through them (like flicking the pages in a real notebook) and I could often find the note I was after just by spotting the layout in the image. In fact if there was an option to make the images bigger I would have ticked it. The new layout reduces me to thinking of key words to search for or actually reading the note titles. Perhaps there is an alternative version I should be loading instead he says hopefully
  3. Aah, i see. I've seen other requests for Svg support so maybe it will be added soon. Of course I'd rather they just added the extra editing features into the core application
  4. Oh well, we live in hope. At the moment I'm using a product called Write which shares its pages with Evernote as html file attachments. If I click on the attachment I can open the file in Write again to edit it. This is great but the contents of the html file don't show in browse mode in Evernote. If there was some way of making the content of the files visible in browse mode that would be perfect for me. Write has brilliant handwriting features including reflow of handwritten text. I wish Evernote would just buy them
  5. Is there any way to cut handwriting or a hand drawn diagram from one page and copy it to another handwriting page. Also is there any way to change the size of a handwriting page to allow me to move stuff down and insert an extra paragraph.
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