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  1. hi zenotos. welcome to the forums! as i understand it, the information transmitted is as secure as any other communication from your mobile device. it is encrypted. i suppose it depends on the skill of the hacker, though. if you are making a call from in front of the new nsa data warehouse in salt lake city, then i wouldn't place any bets on the safety of your data if i recall, this thread is more about the databases. in other words, once your data travels encrypted and secure to the evernote databases, it is stored there unencrypted. there is a long debate of seven pages about this. the long and short of it is that evernote has taken extensive measures to protect your data, but nothing is impervious to attacks, and you need to take responsibility for your data by making sure to upload sensitive documents (everyone has a different threshold) in encrypted format, or not uploading them at all (kept in a local folder on your drive). here is the official word (see bottom of page): http://www.evernote.com/about/privacy/ to the best of my knowledge, evernote has an excellent security record. Thank you! That's exactly what I was asking about. I just wanted to make sure my login is transmitted securely to the database, akin to SSL.
  2. After reading this and other threads, I'm unsure of the security of the Windows and Android apps. Really, it's my phone that worries me. Is login process and the viewing of notes on my phone safe from snoopers that can intercept cell phone data? I can live with myself if those things are safe.
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