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  1. Sorry about that, I thought you were support but I was mistaken. I think their should be an easier solution then those hot keys or multiple step but I very much appreciate you sharing the solution with me!
  2. Why would that be the thing I need to do every time?
  3. I have been a premium user for maybe 6 years now and I love EverNote but this is the biggest issue for me and why I can't get anyone else in my office to use your product. Every time I update a note on my computer and phone it makes multiple versions of the note and I have to delete one and/or wait for it to update on my other device which takes way too long. In the past there was a refresh feature which was not perfect but it was so much better. Now you guys update your product so much and that feature is gone and I am getting to the point where I am considering looking for another option that can just update the note from one device to the next which is a shame because I am a huge advocate of EverNote and I just want it to work the way that it should.
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