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  1. Thanks for the response, and reminder (using @ and #). However, having to remember the notebook or tag when using those integration tools is the inelegant part I was referring to. Update: It seems my issue is with using Microsoft Outlook 2019 as opposed to setting up a cloud account in Outlook.com (where, following instructions, I would:) To get started: Log in to your Outlook.com or Office 365 account. Enable Evernote for Outlook in the Office store by clicking Add. I've always tried to minimize my cloud activity (excepting EN of course), which is why I still use the Outlook 2019 MS Office email program. So is using the cloud Outlook.com the way to go, or is there a way to use Evernote for Outlook with MS Outlook 2019?
  2. If one wants to copy and paste a section of text into the Add Remark field, it can only be done once, and must be done before opening the Web Clipper. These "remarks" appear at the beginning of the note in EN, and can be helpful in giving context to the clipped item. However, it's a one-and-done situation. Is highlighting text before saving my best option otherwise?
  3. Sometimes right after saving a clip (thereby sending it to my Evernote), I'll wish I had assigned it to a different notebook, or used another tag. Consequently, I must remember which item I had clipped to do this once I'm back in EN. Could someone build in a QC message to pop up just after hitting save to give one a second opportunity to edit?
  4. I realize that assigning tags/notebooks to email messages forwarded to Evernote is possible, but not very elegant. Would really appreciate a tool to do this from the start rather than having to wait until I'm back in Evernote. You must know that Feedly allows (Pro) subscribers to interface with Evernote, and assign a notebook (at least) to a feed article... ...why not Evernote Premium users as well?
  5. Release notes are all well and good, but how do Evernote Forum users keep track of recent tweaks to the various EN platforms resulting from questions and comments submitted to the various forums? A knowledge management tool like Evernote certainly has the internal resources to hire a trained indexer to create and provide weekly summaries of changes made, doesn't it? Currently, requests for product improvements seen in the weekly Evernote User Forum email push merely provide a serendipitous means of learning more about EN's capabilities. It's better than nothing, but this isn't the way the mind works best. I'm always feeling like there are many greater efficiencies to enhance my productivity in EN, but that there's no clear path to discovering them. By the way, this is posting on the eve of creating my 30,000th note, 10 years and going strong!
  6. A fundamental methodology for refining one's search results within a taxonomy-based database (or Content Management System such as Evernote) is to inductively link a particular term or tag to its other occurrences within that realm. This process allows the user to gain a better sense of context for the term/tag. How hard would it be to render tags as linked hypertext?
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