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  1. After reading through this thread, I didn't even bother trying to upgrade to see if it would fail. I uninstalled 4.6.3 successfully using the Win7 and Win8 (both 64-bit) Programs and Features control panel. I left my data and registry entries intact and simply installed 4.6.4. Some preferences were lost following the uninstall, but at least I didn't have to wait for all my data to download again since it used the existing database. Thank you to all who posted before me for sharing the details of your problems. I know it doesn't make it any less frustrating for you, but you are helping those who came after you. Hopefully this type of issue doesn't happen to anyone again. And thank you also to dlu for hanging in there on the front lines of what I know is a difficult support situation.
  2. The best option is to create a support ticket. More people complaining and submitting details is the only way this is going to be bumped up in the list of bugs to squash. You'll be asked to try to duplicate the problem then provide the support folks with the Evernote activity log. I've done this twice, as well as included a detailed step-by-step process for one method to reliably duplicate the problem. That was a number of months ago. Here is one set of steps to duplicate the "invisible attachment" bug in the Windows client: Create a new note. Assign any tag to that note. Attach a file.If the status bar is visible you'll see there is an attachment but it will not be visible in any Evernote client. (Mobile, Web, or desktop.) If you add the attachment before tagging the note the attachment is visible as you'd expect. It gets so frustrating because if I then need to add or update an attachment on an existing note, more often than not, the attachment becomes invisible. It's still there, and if you right-click the note and select Save Attachments, all the attachments are saved. I've duplicated this on multiple computers, running multiple OSes, with different versions of Office installed, and even on a totally new OS install with nothing but the Evernote client added. I really am trying to be patient, though I know it doesn't sound that way. I know the devs have other issues to work on, but the problem with attachments -- it's not just PDFs -- is incredibly frustrating and makes using Evernote quite infuriating when working with note attachments. Many times I've had to recreate a note, copy the content of the original note into the new one, attach my file(s), then tag the note. And I know the next update will require me to do the same thing all over again. I find it difficult to believe that this isn't a major issue for many users and it's a pretty major bug in a core feature of the Evernote service.
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