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  1. I like change. I lean forward when it comes to IT solutions... if they solve a problem. But I completely agree with stevenshytle. I went to the Beta Web App and lasted about 5 minutes. This is not a good workable solution for my needs. What a waste of real-estate on my screen. What problem was Evernote trying to solve? I agree that because I am leaving so quickly, none of my issues would be resolved... hence my being here. I fail to see the need to create everything with a "clean" look, these days. This is note taking and, for some of us, note hoarding. Clean is not in my vocabulary; not for my brain and not for my notes. - I need max info in front of me. I went from 31 notebook listed, to 15!! 11 note listed to 5. - I went from 1/4 inch space on each side of my note to 2.5 inches of dead empty space. (in full screen, that's 5 1/4" of my 19"-wide screen that is unused (yes, that means 105 square inches out 185 of white useless space. Let me be wrong and hope that there is a way to fill my screen. - The full screen button serves no purpose other than remove the other lists. The note is still almost the same size. - Quick buttons like reminder, delete, view note in separate window are no longer visible in the main note window. This is definitely not helping my productivity. I have to use the Web app at work, because I cannot instal the Windows App, so I will hang on to the old version for as long as I can. Not happy :-(
  2. ed_in_nj: You should look into Livescribe. I have the Echo pen and just love it. It's just like writing on paper, and it syncs perfectly with Evernote. It has a feature where you can record and it ties the recording to your notes. The new pen (Sky) features a Wi-Fi capability to sync automatically, so keeping the Galaxy Note would have made it fantastic, IMHO. I use it for work, since in many meetings I am not allowed to have a computer device. look it up: www.livescribe.com
  3. Another good question is what is the purpose of the Sync to Evernote, if Evernote cannot read it? There are only two options to sync: Google Docs and Evernote. Now I can see why you'd sync to cloud storage, but why EN?
  4. I just love Evernote and I have converted my wife, too. We both have the premium service, as we like to collaborate and, besides, it's well worth it. There are a couple of things I would like to see, though: - Resizing Graphics. It is annoying to have to move with the slide bars, when all that's needed is a "fit width" and "fit page (or length)" - Clipping web pages on the Android devices - Plain text list of notes (maybe with optional 1-line preview) on Android tablet (It's the view you get on the phones, why not the tablets?) I can't stand the icons on my 7" tablet. I can only see 8-9 notes at most. The Title Tiles (month/year/#of notes) take up valuable real estate - Real Checklist features: Indented checkmarks, hide checked items - Custom date/time field and a list feature where you can list all notes that have a custom date. That would be great for projects. - Timeline view (Like MS Outlook's timeline view) on Windows & Web clients. We would be able to display notes, filtered by tags, to display projects, to-do, etc. Other than that, I think Evernote is awesome. Thanks team for the great work!
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