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  1. Hi PinkElephant, thank You for Your answer! The Chromebook-App is not updated any more, but the version for Android is up to date. On Chromebooks You can use Android-Apps like on a Smartphone, but the App has to released for Chromebooks. It is just a flag in the Play Store. It would be great if i could use the same version on my Chromebooks as on my (Android-)Smartphone. Yours Flusskiesel
  2. Dear folks, it would be really great if the newer versions of Evernote would bei released for Chromebooks. I really like the new design, the task etc. but as a German i am forced to work offline sometimes and the old Evernote for Android working on Chromebooks sucks a little bit. (Sorry for my bad English -- i am not a native speaker!) Thank You very much in Advance! Yours Flusskiesel
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