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  1. I discovered this problem with my android client some time ago and therefore decided to only use formats supported by the android client such as bold and colour to make my notes look better. However I find that the android client will remove spaces between words on the same line that are bolded and non bolded and sometimes coloured and none coloured. Also sometimes on such notes it will just remove spaces between two normal format words. This is very annoying. The safest way to edit on the android client is to not use any formatting but then we have very boring looking notes. There are so many bells and whistles on the Evernote product now and it looks fabulous but we need the very basic ability to be able to edit our notes with confidence that there will be no loss of data. Until these issue are resolved I just cannot use the android client to edit any notes created on my desktop as the majority of them include unsupported formatting.
  2. Scrolling a note view is working now which is a great imrovement. Pinch to zoom in seems to be working but zooming out again doesn't aways reformat the lines to the full width of the screen. One thing now that I really miss is not being able to zoom out of the initial note view. Some of my notes have long lines of text and it was great to be able to zoom out to fit the entire lines across the screen. The initial note view starts off with a large text size so it's such a shame not to be able to reduce it's size to fit more information on to the screen. This was one of the features that really attracted me to Evernote in the first place. Please, please fix this.
  3. Yes pinch zoom doesn't work anymore although most of my text is wrapped. Some tables aren't resized down to the screen size and I have great difficulty dragging round to see the entire table. The text is big and so I see much less infomation on the screen. This is so frustrating without the zoom. It is so much harder to view my notes now. I love the new front end but viewing actual note information is much worse now.
  4. I've had exactly the same problem. I found that it occured if my note had an unsupported feature such as horizontal lines. On going into edit mode a message would be shown at the top of the note to say this. I could edit and save the note but subsequently after editing the note on my PC I would only see an old version of the note for editing whereas read mode would show the latest. The only work around I have is to only edit notes with very basic formatting. This is extremely irritating. I also have the problem of spaces being removed from my notes which I have asked about in another thread. It seems that the android client is really best suited to viewing notes and only editing very basic text notes. It would be best if there was consistency of editing features across all platforms. I am getting more and more commited to Evernote for all my information storage but very basic problems like these are making me think twice.
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