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  1. Where are the bullets/numbered list/checkbox now for the Android app? They are no longer visible.
  2. 1) I LOVE how when I repoen evernote it takes me to the last note I've viewed 2) I DON'T love how I cannot go to the "next note". Before there was a little button at the bottom of the screen and I could scroll to see other notes in the selection ) I DON'T love how I can no longer make my tags with Capital letters only lower case. I've tried a few times and it now undoes the capitals and makes them lower case. I differentiate different types or importance of notes this way. ) I DON'T love how when I open a note, it automatically assumes I want to type. ) I DON'T love how the font is not customizable - it is way to big. ) Tags a) have the tags start at the same spot (immediately after the date) in the list view. I thoroughly don't love how they are right justified, it is inconsistent and makes it more difficult to see what tags I do or don't have. ) It took a really long time to figure out how to make my notebooks offline. ) Where is the "help" button" ) If I am in a notebook, I don't see a quick and easy way to get back to that notebook. ) SUGGESTION: allow users the option to default stacks to open or collapsed (opposed to the last time it was viewed). ) SUGGESTION: allow multiple pictures to be take at once. ) SUGGESTION: let me a) add tags in advance b)edit tags on the phone (such as delete or rename). I don't like how I have to go online to edit tags. ) SUGGESTION: If you are going to h ave the "menu" buttons on the left hand side in the app, why not make it consistent for the online app? ) SUGGESTION: If I have a tag "photo.idea" and I type in idea into the tag option on the app, the suggestions should populate other tags that have that word or similar letters in it opposed to just the first letter. It is fairly annoying to accidentally duplicate tags because of this. ) SUGGESTION: on the tag screen, when I long-press the tag have the option to "create a shortcut, nest, unnest, delete". It has always seemed like an extra step to press the tag AND THEN create the shortcut. )WHY: Why is it so hard to find "help" on the website, web app, or android app???? ) Is it just me, or is the "windows app" not obvious? This is the first time I've heard of it. Web -Maybe the "knowledge base" should have a link to "forum" especially since the information in there can be insufficient -
  3. Ok - but how do you nest tags on the mobile? I've searched for android and I cannot find the instructions on how to accomplish this.
  4. ISSUE: The web clipper does not allow you to scroll down to see how much of the webpage/article is being clipped ISSUE: Right click web clipper does not save the webpage ISSUE: Before if I selected part of a webpage to clip but than hit escape or whatever, when I pressed the web clipper again, it would remember the information of the area I previously selected, the tags I previously entered, etc. Now it does not. SUGGESTION: Copy and paste tags - especially a string of tags. SUGGESTION: Copy notes. Somethings I want to break up a note so I just want to delete different parts. I would love to be able to copy and paste. Also, that will allow me to duplicate the: notebook and tags and have blank notes prepared in advance.
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