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  1. I used to be able to drag an image from the browser window of Google Chrome into evernote. This does not work any more. I know that there are all sorts clippers, web and otherwise, but I would like to simply drag an image into a notebook to make a new note like I used to be able to. Does anyone know of a way to do this now? (just upgraded to Evernote 5.04)
  2. Hi - joined up at the forums - after years of using evernote - to express my concern with the new 'card' view. I use evernote to store a tagged collection of reference images. The thumbnail view was perfect for this purpose. It is easy to scroll through and quickly find the image I am after. The card view is horrible: cropped images, extraneous 'card' ui, large and overbearing text. In its current iteration, evernote is no longer useful for my purposes. Anyone know of an alternate app that allows you to store a large number of images, tagged, and viewable in thumbnails? (Other than iphoto - I need to separate my reference library from my photo library)
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