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  1. @robvpp Could you explain your update with some more details? 🙂 1) Moved to Zapier. --> do you have a tutourial? 2) Upgraded to Pro --> you mean evernote pro? i'm still using evernote pro... how could i sync with bitrix24? is there a workflow... Thanks a lot!
  2. I got following answer from the development team of the Integration App (MCArt-Support-Team) It's german 🙂 ___________________________________________________________________ Ja, richtig, im Moment funktioniert das Modul aufgrund von Fehlern nicht. Und wir sind dabei, es zu reparieren.Wir schreiben Ihnen, wenn das Modul repariert ist.Mit freundlichen Grüßen,Alexander Fomkin.
  3. Where the right place to ask this question? Could you give us a link or an advise? 🙂 Thanks a lot...
  4. Is there a new result? How can you integrate Evernote in the Btrix? I don't get any further here either ... Is there a useful guide?
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