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  1. Ok - I am having an issue with strikeout font. It disappears from the uptodate version of Windows Evernote Desktop. I use strike-outs to manage my to-do list so this is a real pain. However, I can still see the strikeout text when I look at the very same note in iOS or on an earlier version (on my work laptop) or on the browser version of the note. So the strikeout font is still there but the current windows version is not displaying it properly. I use colours, bold and highlight as well and these all seem to be fine, seems to be just an issue with strikeout.
  2. I have the same problem. Only difference for me is that it is happening on my iPad Pro and not on my iPhone....
  3. Hi, The ineffective integration of pdf markup in Evernote is my biggest bug-bear about the app that I otherwise love. I store PDF articles etc that I want to read in Evernote. When I read them I like to highlight and take notes / markup the articles. And then save the marked up PDF note back to the Evernote note (as a flattened file otherwise you can't see the mark-ups). Unfortunately when the PDF goes from Evernote to the mark-up app it creates a new document and changes the filename to a long alpha-numeric code. This forces me to move the new PDF into the old note, delete the or
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