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  1. A couple of times now I've witness disturbing behaviour during syncing on my iPad. While taking notes during a class (switching between two languages so data input was tortuous) I saved two or three times over the course of an hour. At the conclusion of the class I synced a final time, then saw 90% of my note disappear! I thought it was maybe taking time to refresh, but no, it was gone, irredeemably so. I checked on my laptop when I got home just in case, but the note was the same as on my iPad (ie. mostly deleted). I'm a premium member so I hoped the "note history" feature would come to my rescue, but that's only updated several times a day. This morning I started the app on my iPad again and noted that it was syncing a note I had open. The thumbnail actually showed more content in this note than the body did, until it finished syncing of course when the thumbnail updated to show that most of the note had been deleted. As well as it works 95% of the time, I'm considering moving back to paper as I can't risk this sort of data loss. Obviously help with preventing this in future is the #1 priority, but in addition to this it'd be really useful if the note history feature followed more along Apple's Time Machine model, eg. every sync over the last hour is saved, every hour for the last day, every day for the last week etc. So: help! Another minor irritant was that I would selectively highlight the second of two words on a line, copy, but then when I pasted both the first and second words were somehow pasted. This happened repeatedly... but then I lost the whole thing anyway, so you know, whatever. :|
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