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  1. So it appears I need to add my ipad to the landfill because they will not update beyond IOS 12.4.9 and 13. I was using the app until today it said it could not sign in with no changes on my account anywhere. It must be a trigger set for January 1 to quit working. I am frustrated that i have to replace a 3 year old ipad mini for one app. I guess I can replace the app, which may be the cheaper way out.
  2. When I am in a notebook on desktop of tablet, I may highlight something to copy. When I return, I may have accidentally touched a key and edited the note without wanting to, I wish there was an option to save on exit. So we have a chance to cancel out of it for inadvertently editing the note.
  3. I like this thinking as a read only. I was thinking along the lines as a confirm to save when leaving the note. So, if you did inadvertently change something, you have the option to back out. Or another idea is to put on an edit button to edit the note. Like always, this can be an option in preferences.
  4. I like the ability of the autosave / sync. However if I inadvertently edit something (happens on my ipad once in a while), I want to exit the note to revert it. Most times I am just reading the note. What I am asking for is an edit button to edit, or a save button when there are changes. At least when I close the screen it will prompt to save when exiting the note, so I know there was a change and I have a chance to panic and say no.
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