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  1. The guys at Evernote suck ! 1. They try to force to upgrade to the new and by far too expensive plans. On Android, when Evernote just launched, I get an upgrade screen (full screen) I can't hide. Must first click on the upgrade button. Then, fortunately, I don't have to confirm the payment and I can go back to my notes. 2. Options (or Preferences) disappeared on version 10. Can no more deactivate some new automatic and unpleasant behavior. 3. Sync with Android doesn't work fine. I frequently get 2 versions of my main notes when I work on them on PC and on Android. 4. On PC, the dialog announcing a new version is now too frequently blank (WTF ?). All this is quite boring for a supposedly mature product. Now looking for an alternative (self hosted, if any).
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