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  1. Has there been any progress on this in the last couple of years? Unlike vincekboise I'm not even writing a book, but it seems obvious to me that anyone hoping to organise any large volume of notes or ideas systematically needs to be able to give them some hierarchical structure. I'm heavily invested in Evernote now and appreciate its many features, but it's totally beyond me that it lacks even the simplest outlining functionality. Even the dreaded Microsoft Word has that! The closest I've come is Cloud Outliner for Mac and iPad, but while that app claims to sync with Evernote, it really only does a one-way transfer TO Evernote, and it doesn't even sync correctly between different devices running Cloud Outliner. Is Evernote finally considering implementing some kind of rudimentary outlining functionality? It may be the only thing that saves my relationship with Evernote...
  2. OK. Everyone's making this way too complicated. Just download Skitch onto your Note (2). Choose 'start from blank', select a thin pen tool, zoom in so you have space to write. Skitch saves straight to Evernote in a format that is not only readable but (as long as you have a premium Evernote account) also searchable. Done, no?
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