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  1. I'm getting TextEdit attachments when trying to clip pdfs (using Safari with Yosemite)
  2. Thanks for trying @gazumped. Maybe a mac user can shed some light on this for me.
  3. Sorry I didn't explain clearly, and I'm also realizing this issue isn't just with shortcuts (I've been away from EN for a bit and am getting back in). I'm able to move notebooks, with shortcuts or the mouse - that's not the issue. The problem is that after I do so, the next note in line is not selected, so I have to click on it. This is true even if I just delete a note - it used to work that the next note in line would automatically be selected, so I could delete, delete, delete and would have deleted the 3 top notes in whatever notebook I'm in. Now I have to delete, click, delete, click, delete to delete 3 notes. Is this a bug? Because I'm really hoping it's not an intended new feature. It entirely nullifies the efficiency of using the keyboard for note management. Or maybe it's a setting, is there something I need to turn on for the top note in a view to be automatically selected? Thanks!
  4. When I use the keyboard shortcut to move a note to a different notebook on the mac osx client, after that note moves there is no note selected and I have to go back to my mouse to select the next note in line. Is there a way to avoid this and have the next note in line be automatically selected? Or is there a keyboard shortcut to select the first note? (Otherwise it sort of defeats the point of the keyboard shortcut in the first place if I have to go back to my mouse.) I could be wrong, but I don't remember it always being this way. I used to use keyboard shortcuts all the time when processing my inbox and don't remember running into this particular frustration. Thanks!
  5. I'm having the same issue, but not just in Evernote - spellcheck doesn't work anywhere on my iPad Air even though I've verified that it's turned on in Settings. Read on another forum that deleting and reinstalling the Gmail app worked for some folks, but not for me.
  6. I know I can set the default to the last notebook used, but I would like to set to my Inbox notebook. If I feel like processing a note at the time I clip it, then I can change the notebook and give it tags. Sometimes that works great, but sometimes it interrupts workflow. For this reason, I'd like for it to go to Inbox if I do nothing and have that still be the default even if I changed the notebook the last time I clipped.
  7. Another +1 for this feature. You can create a shortcut for a tag, so why not a link to a tag? And links to saved searches would be nice too, but it's not worth it for me if I have to create a saved search for all the tags I'd like to do this with. How I'd use it: I have a master project list note, and each of those projects has a tag associated to it. I'd like to link directly to the project tag so I could go straight from my project list to the projects. I make shortcuts for my most active projects, but this is a small fraction of them and the shortcuts field is too small to be a full project list. Thanks!
  8. I'd like to add a vote for this feature, here's how I'd use it... For each of my projects I have a single note that is an overview where I capture overview-type thinking about the project. For every note that relates to a project, I tag it with a tag that is the project name. While it's possible for me to copy note links for all of the notes that relate to a project into the overview note - to get a list of related notes, it's cumbersome and rarely worthwhile. What would be worthwhile would be to add a link to a search for all notes tagged with the project name. Then my "list" would be dynamic and capture every item I tag with the project name. The way I do it now is to go to the tags manager and scroll or search to find the tag, but it's not very elegant. Another feature that would make that workflow easier is a pop-out tag manager, but that's for another thread.
  9. Alas I was afraid of this. IMO, for EN to be truly collaborative, I'd be able to share individual notes with other EN users just by adding a tag, could even be a special sharing tag with a symbol followed by their username. Oh well.
  10. I'm using Evernote for Mac OSX Lion and Android, and I'm using with David Allen's GTD system. I want to be able to share certain information with my husband, but the problem is we both organize our information differently. I have very few notebooks (Inbox, Actions, Active Projects, Deferred, Reference) and it doesn't make any sense in the system to add extra notebooks just for sharing. I'd love to share individual notes with him that I have organized in my system as makes sense for me, and then he can organize them in his system as makes sense for him, and we can both edit them. But it looks as though this isn't possible. Can somebody please tell me I'm wrong? (We've tried sharing notebooks in the past, but since you can't organize a shared notebook in any of your own stacks, there's no way for us both to have them organized in a way that makes any sense.) Thanks!
  11. I'm using Evernote 3.0.5 for Mac Lion, and I think it would be great if when I clicked the tags drop down in the favorites bar, it only showed me tags that were assigned to the items in the notebook or stack I start in. As it is now, all my tags are listed and when I click one it takes me to 'All Notebooks' and lists all items with that tag. I get the benefit of doing it that way, but it's not how I first assumed it would work. Also, it's redundant since I've got my full tags list on the left-hand side. What feels natural to me, is if I click on my 'Lists' notebook and then click on the tag drop down - that I'll only see the tags associated with my lists. So I can then choose the 'books' tag from a list of 10 or so, instead of 40+. Even better would be if I could then narrow the results again again by clicking the drop down and only seeing tags associated with books - e.g. 'to read'. I think the reason I expected this is because I was using Yojimbo before Evernote, and it was super easy to click tags for multiple filtering. Not that Yojimbo comes anywhere close to the functionality of Evernote - hence the switch. Thanks!
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