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  1. Another +1 for this feature. You can create a shortcut for a tag, so why not a link to a tag? And links to saved searches would be nice too, but it's not worth it for me if I have to create a saved search for all the tags I'd like to do this with. How I'd use it: I have a master project list note, and each of those projects has a tag associated to it. I'd like to link directly to the project tag so I could go straight from my project list to the projects. I make shortcuts for my most active projects, but this is a small fraction of them and the shortcuts field is too small to be a full project list. Thanks!
  2. I'd like to add a vote for this feature, here's how I'd use it... For each of my projects I have a single note that is an overview where I capture overview-type thinking about the project. For every note that relates to a project, I tag it with a tag that is the project name. While it's possible for me to copy note links for all of the notes that relate to a project into the overview note - to get a list of related notes, it's cumbersome and rarely worthwhile. What would be worthwhile would be to add a link to a search for all notes tagged with the project name. Then my "list" would be dynamic and capture every item I tag with the project name. The way I do it now is to go to the tags manager and scroll or search to find the tag, but it's not very elegant. Another feature that would make that workflow easier is a pop-out tag manager, but that's for another thread.
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