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  1. This is the one reason I'm not upgrading. I expect to be able to open the app to where I want it. If it's changed, I'll upgrade.
  2. ... and even better - to get the title of the note ("Voice Memo" in your example) to be the first N characters of the file that's added ! ?
  3. @ellemef - How would I append a timestamp to the file title ("Voice Memo" in your example), given that I can create such a timestamp with something like: set curDate to do shell script "date +'%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S'"
  4. @JMichael - thank you, and huzzah for the workaround (though I don't get the "wisdom" bit)
  5. Oh DEAR. I bet there HAVE been a few threads on this. Semper retro.
  6. If I use the contextual menu to "Copy Note Link", the resultant link is no longer a local link to the notebook, but to the note on the website ! This is dire! Why?
  7. Count me in as "irked" ! You'd think that there would be an option to change this horrible white text on a black background. Very un-Mac like all round.
  8. I agree - why not just straightforward black text on a white (or even grey) background? The sidebar does indeed look awful.
  9. I agree with the criticism of this awful white-text-on-black in the sidebar. It's a terrible design decision and looks extremely ugly. It puts me off using the app. The app is generally very "un-Mac like".
  10. After some searching I found this thread (see my third point). I had posted this in a different thread, so apologies for the double-posting. Evernote OS X, version 5.0.0 public beta 2 (400504). Firstly, items (notes) can be deleted just by having them selected and tapping the delete key. There's no "undo", so if you brush the delete key by accident while you have an important note selected, you've lost it, since there appears to be no trash from which to retrieve it. All this means it's incredibly easy to delete important notes. If there is a way to see the trash that I've missed, then I'd love to know what it is. But even if there is, there should be an "undo" on deletion, and preferably a requirement for command-delete to delete notes in the first place. Secondly, although you can sort notes by title in either alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, maddeningly, the application doesn't remember which of the two you choose. Thirdly, the "Go to Mac forum" button in the preferences returns an error page.
  11. So there is no 3.3.1 non-MAS version? And I suppose therefore that at some point in the future I will have to move to the MAS version anyway..?
  12. Hi, I notice that there's a recent update for the Mac App Store version of Evernote, but I can't find any download link for a similar update for the non-Mac App Store version. Is Evernote for Mac desktop now Mac App Store only? Thanks.
  13. Thank you for the info. JMichael - thanks for the link, but I found the instructions there were incorrectly stated. I am running Evernote 3.1.2 and running MacOS 10.7, but the paragraph applying to that did not apply, since there is no "com.evernote.Evernote" in the ~/Library/Containers/ location, but there is an Evernote folder in the Application Support folder. (Actually, the instructions are confusing: if you are using Evernote 3.1.2, both paragraphs seem to apply.) Never mind - I think I'll just de-install Evernote completely (having exported my notes for safety) and then install the non-MAS version, which will presumably download my notes, as GrumpyMonkey implied.
  14. I got Evernote from the Mac App Store. I just exported all my notes, both in the proprietary format and in HTML format. Can I delete the Mac App Store version, install the regular downloadable version, and then re-import my notes into it? Thank you.
  15. A lot of people are going to be ditching Evernote for iCloud notes sync this summer
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