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  1. Dear EN big Kahunas, I joined this forum today. I know that Evernote can simplify processes and make my life easier, but this time it failed to meet my expectations. Assume you have been using Evernote for a while, but never needed to use the forums until a problem happened. So, you go to the Evernote home page. You look around and finally find Forums at the bottom of the page. Not so good for us who have less than 20/20 vision. You go to Forums, and if you are goal oriented you zoom into the forum for your device/OS (it is very easy to do so, and I do appreciate it). You then look around for the button marked JOIN FORUM but do not see it. You scroll down the page and find Help. Finally in Help you get to the tutorial that tells you to go back to the forum page and click Sign In. I admit I did not see the "Read this section first" stickie which would have saved me a couple of steps, but I would have put a big JOIN FORUM button at the top of the general Forum page that leads the newbie to the registration screen. It would not hurt to use a large font for Help (and all other links in that area) and for Sign In. Constructively submitted, Newbie
  2. Unable to play audio files since last update including the voice to text feature. The latter works well, but whenever I dictate a plain audio recording (microphone icon) I receive the following error messages: Audio Playback Error Sorry the player does not support this type of audio file I have the standard audio player that comes with my Motorola Atrix, and it has not been changed. I was able to hear my recordings fine until the update so I assume that some function got lost in the shuffle. Please review how the current update handles audio files.
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