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  1. My support ticket ran it's course and resulted in the support person reporting a bug. They re-indexed my notes on their server, uninstalled, reinstalled, downloaded all notes, etc. Each time the total note count on various platforms diverged as soon as their was some activity. Even more disturbing yesterday was another user sharing one of my notebooks was not in sync with what I was seeing. I had deleted a note but even after multiple syncs it was still shown in his copy. And that user was a continually connected desktop, not mobile. EN simply can't be relied upon at this time to sync properly across multiple platforms.
  2. Does anyone else download all notes with a Premium account? Anyone done a comparison of note counts in the web client, versus desktop or mobile client?
  3. Yes, it's a hard problem; which was solved about 30yrs ago by a variety of enterprise class distributed databases. EN just hasn't figured out how to re-invent the wheel. These are the most recent results from the ticket I created and my exchange with support: *********** 1. I deleted the shortcut which did not displaying properly on the web client and it disappeared. I added it back, and it’s still blank. Attached are screen shots of the web and OSx native clients. [sorry these aren't pasting into the forum]. The web client does not seem to be a good benchmark for what should be on the iOS clients. 2. The note counts are a moving target because I’m using these various clients and some of the data is in shared notebooks. The numbers are constantly shifting and the various devices are never in agreement. As of tonight, after several page refreshes and manual syncs, the note counts are: Web client: 583OSx client: 1,152iPad: 558iPhone: 558 There are not sub-totals for each stack, only for each notebook. There are far too many notebooks (107 per iOS client) to do a bottoms up comparison to figure out where the discrepancy is located. Since the delete / reinstall, many iOS notebooks say “0” notes until I view them. This is with “Download All Notes” in a Premium account and after multiple manual syncs. Why would the iOS client display “0” when there are notes in that Notebook?
  4. In response to the ticket I created, support asked further questions. In less than 24hrs since I did the delete/reinstall on the iPhone and iPad, they have diverged with respect to storage and number of notes, and neither agrees with the number of notes reported by the web client (support's benchmark). And this is with both devices having had continuous access to the server in the last 24hrs. I haven't even ventured into the world where they are disconnected for a period of time. Once again, do not rely upon your mobile.
  5. Further update. I went through the delete / re-install process on my iPad. Good news and bad news. The good news is that it came out with the same storage as my iPhone. The bad news is there is no way to know if either of them actually has all the notes and attachments. Further, since I previously did the delete / reinstall cycle on both devices within the last three months, and they were out of sync by over 1GB of data (difference between iPad and iPhone) EN is clearly not capable of keeping a remote device in sync with the database. Do not rely on your mobile device to have all your notes and attachments. A ticket has been submitted.
  6. I think it's interesting that the users formerly known as Evangelists have added no useful content to this thread, only comments about comments and most recently a not so veiled threat to shutdown the thread. So ignoring those users, here is some actual content: I ran a test and here are the results: iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2, EN EN storage usage before deletion: 876MB Deleted ENRebooted iPhoneReinstalled EN from App StoreLogged inPremium > Offline Notebooks > Download all NotesConnected to Power and WiFiCompleted sync - Offline progress bar is not showingForced Manual Sync which completed immediatelyStorage usage: 1.5GBSet phone to “Airplane Mode" In my inspection of random notes with attachments (virtually all are PDFs), all of the attachments were accessible. So after a clean install EN appears to have properly downloaded all notes and attachments. However, this begs a few questions: 1) Why were some attachments not previously available?2) Why did the storage used jump by 600+ MB? This goes to my point of the syncing of attachments being unreliable and the problem experienced by the OP. Clearly not all attachments were on my iPhone, about 600+ MB worth. Presumably attachments which were added piecemeal since the last install of EN. Yes, there is a ticket on this so it needs no further comment from the users formerly known as Evangelists (who for the sake of users looking to solve a problem should consider deleting their posts to reduce the "noise" in this thread. This posting is for the benefit of users who may have a similar problem so that they can know they are not "holding it wrong" per Mr. Jobs. ** Update On my iPad Air, iOS 7.1.2 and EN Evernote usage is 1.9GB So something is still not right...
  7. Hi Boatguy, you do know there is a "Synchronize on WiFi Only" setting, right? Just checking. You might just be saying above that you would choose that option (that you know you have) if all notes were really downloaded. That's a little unclear to me. Probably you did know that already... but the reason it occurred to me to ask, is that when people have switched on that option, they assume they can see/ download the contents of their notes that they open when they have a 3G/ 4G, EDGE, connection. That is only possible when that option is switched off. Yes, I'm aware of the sync with WiFi only, and the need for notebooks to be synced, not local only. Your #3 is a good point, not relevant to my situation, though may have been to the OP. Your #4 is essentially a work around to force the attachments to load before you depart. Perhaps I misconstrued the OP's problem as it matched my own. Perhaps the OP did not have the his mobile device to sync via cellular data, or worse, put the ticket in a "local" notebook. If he reappears perhaps he will clarify the situation, but he seemed to know what he was doing. My own experience is that Offline Notebooks do not download attachments in a reliable manner. I've opened a ticket on this. I'll delete EN from my iPhone, reinstall and follow the procedure which should theoretically cause all notes and attachments to download. When it has finished, I'll hit the sync again for good measure, let that sync finish, then put it in "airplane" mode and see what is actually available in EN.
  8. Denying the feature exists only undermines your credibility. If you can't speak to the feature, then don't. Being an "evangelist" (definition: • a zealous advocate of something: he is an evangelist of junk bonds.) is not the same as being an expert. The feature does exist, it's reasonable to expect it to download all notes AND their attachments. I have 20GB Of free storage and the phone has spent numerous nights plugged in and connected to WiFi. Perhaps as you suggest a "glitch" occurred, also known as a BUG and part EN's notoriously poor QA.
  9. This is a very real problem. The "Download All Notes" feature for Premium users seriously mis-represents the actual functionality (a common theme at EN - over promise and under deliver). It stores offline anything that you have accessed on your device, beyond that you just get headers. The setting should be named "Download All Notes Headers" and there should be another setting that actually downloads all the notes AND the attachments. Further, I'd like to see those attachments pushed to my remote device, perhaps with a "WiFi Only" option. I frequently have large attachments that I share with others and want to access when I'm away from WiFi. I don't want to wait while a 30MB drawing is downloaded over LTE, or worse when I don't have a good data connect at all. It's time that EN delivered on "Download All Notes".
  10. The clipper is a Safari extension. Download from the EN web site, or from Safari extensions web site.
  11. Mine is not a login issue. It works fine if I accept the default notebook, loops endlessly if I select another notebook. ** Update ** What failed previously worked today. Can't reproduce it today by choosing another notebook. Possibly fixed by Safari 7.03?
  12. As usual, EN is in denial. Why is it that EN assumes that all users are stupid and have nothing better to do with their time that sit on these forums and complain? If the product is working, then users won't be complaining. If they are complaining, there is a problem. EN's job is to understand the failure mode, not deny the existence of the failure.
  13. Yup, not working for me either. Safari 7.02, OSX 10.9.2, Web Clipper 6.1 It has worked sporadically, nothing today. I've tried quitting and restarting, uninstall /reinstall, etc. It just spins, never clips... *** Update *** I've tracked the problem to the targeted Notebook. If I use the default Notebook selected by the clipper it works fine. If I select a Notebook, it fails.
  14. Nice addition, but it would be much nicer if it would either export a v-card, or enable me to move the data into my iOS contacts. Evernote is good, but it's not replacing my Contacts list which links to my phone, Facetime, Skype, etc. anytime soon.
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