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  1. Adding my voice to the choir. This would be a killer feature. PDF's are like landmines in android evernote when I click on the attachment it opens a pdf reader program that I have... if I want to annotate that pdf, no luck, because it will not save changes. If I want to copy and paste from that pdf into my evernote text note, or even just type some text notes about it, there is no way to do so without awkwardly switching (using the back button) between the pdf and the note from which it opened (and of course reopening the pdf brings you back to the first page rather than where you were just reading). I'd go so far as to say that pdf's ruin the otherwise excellent workflow that evernote creates on android. With more android tablets coming out this is an essential feature (much more worthy of attention than evernote food or some other side application nonsense).
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