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  1. Hi, I have been using evernote on smart phones apps, tablets apps and on computers using firefox. It works well in general. However on my kindle keyboard 3g , when I tried to edit notes via the mobile website: "www.evernote.com/m/". It would not work properly. Basically I can view the note but can not edit the body of the notes even though I can get the editing cursor to move inside the notes. I can also create and save a note but the body stay blank because it can not be edited. I am accessing the site using kindle keyboard's inbuilt browser. I searched the forum and found similar issues were discussed in the last year of two. The discussion are linked below. It seems like this evernote mobile website issue are still not fixed. "http discussion.evernote.com/topic/4295-kindle-with-evernote-for-the-web/" http://discussion.ev...te-for-the-web/ It's a pity since kindle with physical keyboard is great for taking notes. My kindle has the latest firmware version3.3. Does anyone know a way that I can work around this problem? Thanks!