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  1. I had to add a tag to all my notes then sync. That actually worked. But really? Update every single note with a new tag? Then remove the tag? Tagging can get time consuming when you have a lot of notes and you apply something to all of them. A user has to know and trust that sync will work. I can do something on my desktop, such as tag an item, then try to bring up items with that tag on my phone. if that item doesn't show up, I may lose important business, or let someone down, or miss an appointment. Evernote has a lot of nice features but syncing is at the top of the list. Reliable sync is crucial. This is why we use Evernote. Because platform becomes a non-issue. I hope someone tracks this down. No user should be responsible for finding workarounds for functions that are advertised as part of the product.
  2. Whenever I try to edit a note on my Fire I find I cannot edit in-line. I enter edit mode, tap a location, and the nearest word in the text appears in an edit window at the bottom of the note. This means I cannot support outlines or modify other content. Something similar happens on my android phone but it seems to pick up more text. Is this an outline issue? Is it unique to the fire/android? So far the most useful Evernote feature to me, besides syncing, is the outlining. I haven't begun to investigate templates yet, but if they work well and I can get this editing issue resolved, I will upgrade to premium. Any help on this please? Thanks.
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