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  1. I have had no problem sending handwritten notes into evernote, but the OCR just isn't working very well. It is probably only recognizing 10% of the words. I don't know if that is due to the program or my handwriting, but I think it is the former, not the latter. So, I was wondering what success others have had with writing notes in Android then sending them to evernote and having the OCR work.
  2. I take quite a few handwritten notes on my Android tablet. I then like to export those notes into Evernote. I have tried a number of different android apps to take notes but none of them seem to work very well with the handwriting recognition of Evernote. I have tried Antipaper, Freenote, and Handwrite. Have any of you had success with taking a significant amount of notes (not a simple sticky note but longer) and putting in in Evernote and having it be recognized? Native handwriting inside Evernote would be my preference, but a 3rd party app is fine for now as well. Thanks.
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