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  1. Thanks for all of your help. I'll wait until the functionality is made available for Win. created:day -created:day+7 works like a charm on the web client. I found this in the API docs: subjectDate:[datetime] - matches notes with a subjectDate attribute that is equal to or later than the argument datetime. How does one enter the subject date?
  2. JMichael, Not working created:day -created:day+7 . I changed a number of notes to dates in the future. Any thoughts. I'm on Windows 7. Jim Adams
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. I'm not doing something right. I am creating a search based on: created:day+7 and this isn't working. I'll keep reading the docs. Any other help greatly appreciated.
  4. I all, I want to create a search that will read the due dates for a task/note either: 1) Create a list of tasks sorted by due date or 2) List all the tasks that are due seven days from the current date. I know that I will have to get the due date into the note structure somehow. I've been trying to put the due date in the note's subject line but I can't collect notes based on this logic: 1) Read the current date 2) Search for due dates which are < or = 7 days from current date. Does this make sense. I'm suspect there is an easy way to do this. My full search would be: tag:overdue, .next actions (this part works well). and then an operator to find notes by due dates. TIA, Jim Adams
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