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  1. Evernote let me down today in the most trivial of use cases. I have had a note for a while labelled "shopping list". Before I went to the store, I opened EN on the Mac and updated the list. I got a warning about "conflicting changes" and I saw two notes with the same title in the "all notebooks" list. I manually merged the contents into one of the notes, deleted the other one, and hit sync. When I got to the store I opened my Android client, and my "shopping list" note was nowhere to be found! I investigated when I got home -- my Mac EN was still showing the complete and correct shopping list at the top of "All Notebooks". Syncing both devices did nothing. Still can't see it on the Android, or on the web client. Why not? Because it's in the "Conflicting Changes xxx" folder. I know it's weird, but I shouldn't have to care what notebook it is in. "All Notebooks" should mean just that -- every damn note I have, no matter what notebook they're in, and they should be synced when I press sync. So, beware: notes in a "Conflicting Changes" folder get synced with nothing. I now realize that the prevailing advice is to sync first, then edit, then sync again. I agree with this advice as things now stand. However the user should not have to be responsible for this sequence. Also, in a low-bandwidth situation, like on a phone, what policy does Evernote follow as to what to sync first? Most recent first? Smaller notes first?
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