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  1. I just received an SMS with the classic "Your Paypal account has been locked. Visit xxxx to unlock", from the same company & phone number (+447781470659) that Evernote has used to send me (authentic) verification codes before.
  2. Ok, seems to be some initial bug or delay in syncing them when installing for the first time, as they're just now showing up in the search box despite the initial sync finishing many hours ago. Thanks for making me look there again.
  3. Still using v4 after trying v5 for a few minutes when released. But v4 is crashing more and more lately so thought I'd re-evaluate v5 again. I'm not too fussed if I have to use the shortcut section for saved searches instead of the top bar, but I have saved searched like "tag:project1 tag:actions" - how do I put those in there?
  4. I installed Evernote 5 under Wine to see if it was worth upgrading my Windows Evernote too. Unfortunately I didn't like it so only gave it 20 minutes, but can report it worked fine.
  5. They don't. They just learn not to use it and optimistically scour every new release log for "Editor rewritten from scratch", but it never happens.
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