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  1. I just received an SMS with the classic "Your Paypal account has been locked. Visit xxxx to unlock", from the same company & phone number (+447781470659) that Evernote has used to send me (authentic) verification codes before.
  2. Ok, seems to be some initial bug or delay in syncing them when installing for the first time, as they're just now showing up in the search box despite the initial sync finishing many hours ago. Thanks for making me look there again.
  3. Still using v4 after trying v5 for a few minutes when released. But v4 is crashing more and more lately so thought I'd re-evaluate v5 again. I'm not too fussed if I have to use the shortcut section for saved searches instead of the top bar, but I have saved searched like "tag:project1 tag:actions" - how do I put those in there?
  4. I installed Evernote 5 under Wine to see if it was worth upgrading my Windows Evernote too. Unfortunately I didn't like it so only gave it 20 minutes, but can report it worked fine.
  5. The problem with Evernote is developers can't plug in to the clients - they can only make applications that interact with your notes. So a standalone viewer is possible, but of course that means yet another application. Originally I had all my photos in Evernote - even made a custom importer that processed directories of photos, also extracting some of the photo's EXIF data into the note (made the creation date of the note match the time the photo was taken for example). I loved that I no longer relied on Picasa, but just found it too awkward to view (regardless of whether I had one image per note or multiple images so went back to Picasa.
  6. 129 notebooks! I didn't even contemplate there was a limit. Surely you find yourself spending ages selecting notebooks? Using Evernote as my sole software development issue tracker, project manager, a GTD system and business and personal filer, the only reasons I've found to use separate notebooks are for: Isolating what you share with othersWhen a third-party app requires themAn inbox to accept notes from places that don't making naming/tagging easy or possible, keeping them out of the main notebook until handled properly.Making use of the fact that new notes will go into the selected notebook, but there is no default tag. I find it easier to have my current project as a notebook as I'm making notes in it every 10 minutes or so, rather than slapping on a project tag.Tags I only use when I feel I may wish to list a category (e.g., see receipts to claim for tax, outstanding bugs in a project). Search handles everything else. I actually wish Evernote didn't allow tag creation when creating a note (as I often find myself creating incomplete tags instead of selecting existing ones). I feel this would discourage overtagging somewhat.
  7. Do you find you often have to search for old statements/receipts though, to warrant the overhead of putting a date in the title? In practice, I never found it a trivial exercise: Some statements I found myself spending 10 seconds odd looking for the damn date.Others I would find myself consulting previous statements from the same company to see if I'd named them using the statement end period or the due date (due date I could reconcile with bank statements easier).Others only the month was important or year was important, so I'd just do 2013 or 201309 to save having to actually look at the statement to find a day. Then I'd find I'd forget how many significant places I was using. I definitely found making the filing stage as quick as possible was key to keeping an empty inbox/intray. Relying on note creation date actually forced me to handle things once, as soon as they came in. Taking extra time to locate didn't bother me as it's rare I have to consult an old statement.
  8. Do you find it worth the effort to add the YYYYMMDD suffix to the note and 'intitle:200906*' to the search over just searching for 'intitle:cox' and picking the bill from the returned list according to creation date?
  9. Did you ask others for help? I'm not saying everything is feasible without nested folders, but people can come up with some pretty ingenious solutions.
  10. I'm pretty sure you're not having ***** shoved down your throat. You chose to use EN. If you don't like the newer versions, then that's unfortunate. But like you said, don't use them. You are free to leave at any time. I feel for the OP--when you commit to a system, leaving is not that easy. There's just something particularly frustrating about Evernote--the updates make me feel like there's only 2 people on the Windows team, UX specialists their mums. But it could be a case of "the person you love the most can hurt you the most".
  11. Ratings, like for recipes I use tags like that suggested above. Rankings for things like listing tasks in priority order, I put a priority number in the author field and sort by author.
  12. They don't. They just learn not to use it and optimistically scour every new release log for "Editor rewritten from scratch", but it never happens.
  13. Latest version (, I can shift-select a range of tags, but not ctrl-select individual tags. I'm sure I've done this hundreds of times before. Typing both tags in the search box is painful as the there is no auto-completion and the exact spelling of tags has to be looked up. Furthermore (and strangely), having typed say, "tag:insurance" in the search box, then clicking a tag from the tag list (even without Ctrl) then adds the clicked tag to the existing one (insurance). I'm having trouble seeing the logic here.
  14. The editor already is simple - it's just full of bugs. After a while you learn which formatting buttons not to touch and just prey you don't hit them by mistake. And when new releases come out and you see all the useless features added yet the bugs persist, take relief in knowing others feel your pain. Your avatar just reminded me of a bug of past that I think is fixed now, so I'm being a bit harsh I guess.
  15. Seems to be true. I've just spent a few good hours creating over 50 notes for collaboration but it's useless without saved searches. Therefore delete notebook. All these totally unexpected deadends with this product drives me crazy.
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