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  1. Isn't remembering "when" just about as important as remembering "what" though? It's great that Evernote can help you capture thoughts and ideas, but what if you capture something and won't need it again until a future date (e.g. a fleeting thought that could start a meaningful conversation at the next quarterly meeting)? If you forget that it's there, and the moment in which it would have been useful passes, then what good was capturing the item in the first place? In my opinion, I think this is an extremely valid argument for adding some sort of a time-sensitive reminder to Evernote. I know people are suggesting workarounds and third-party solutions, and I hope I can find something to suit my needs, but wouldn't it be GREAT if this seemingly straight-forward bit of functionality were just built right into Evernote without having to take extra steps within some other system?
  2. I am currently using EN in conjunction with 'The Secret Weapon' methodology, and have been loving it. The only thing I feel like I'm really missing is an elegant way to set a tickler to remind me about something later in the future. I've seen a handful of posts on the forums about people finding workarounds using the date in the note title, or even hijacking the Created date attribute. But in my mind, these methods are just that: workarounds. An actual, dedicated Due Date (or something to that effect) attribute could be extremely useful, without having to rely on workarounds or setting reminders up in a completely different system (calendars or FollowUpThen or what-have-you). It could be quite handy to set up a saved search with a query that includes something to the effect of "dueDate:today" so you could view any ticklers you have set for that day. Anyone else on here agree that a due date attribute would be a welcome addition?
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