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  1. I'd like to add my 2 cents to this. This behaviour is very frustrating. I take a lot of snapshot notes for work which I only require for a very short time (ie. to take a serial number for equipment back to document, for example. Taking a snapshot into evernote is a much quicker way to get it to my workstation than to type it out). I don't use calendars frequently, but have one calendar (GMail calendar) synced to my phone for bookings on my holiday property. There's almost always a booking in this calendar, and rarely in my own calendar. I'm finding now that I'm getting notes like 'Snapshot from Persons Name in My Location'. This makes no sense to me, since these calendar events have no bearing on my every day life. I'm not willing to turn off the calendar as I require access to it from my phone regularly. The ideas for templating this above are great, but it would be even better to just have an option to turn off this predictive titling. I don't bother naming notes that I use to just ship serial numbers and other bits of information around as they get deleted straight away...
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