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  1. Good day, everyone! Evernote Basic was recently renamed Evernote Free by the business. I received an email requesting that I upgrade to the newest version, but I am delaying. The following are the reasons behind this (along with my questions): If a free user exceeds the two-device limit, they must delete one of their devices. When I attempted to do so, I received an error message stating that I could only add and delete devices twice a month. Is this a feature that they still have in place? Evernote's older versions allow you to centre align a picture. In the new Evernote editions, you won't be able to do that. Has this problem been resolved with Evernote Free? Is it possible for you to centre your image now? This is a question for those like myself. For simple note-taking, I use Evernote. I'm not interested in utilising the app to boost my productivity. (Evernote continues to emphasise productivity.) Are you happy with Evernote Free's note-taking capabilities? I'll be waiting for your response to this question's more detailed article.
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