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  1. I can saw they were going crazy with too many futile projects - food etc. Penultimate. There is a need to get back to the basics. Maybe they can upgrade Clipper - as Clearly was superior for reading - often for clipping! In chrome on the mac anyway.
  2. Ah! I've found a work around. I have the Clipper which also takes screen shots! Still there is something not right with Evernote Helper. Walter
  3. Hi DTLow Those five items are really one item, they are a screenshot from my side bar. It is right after I take the screenshot that the Helper freezes. The screen shots probably disappear when I use Activity Monitor to force quit Evernote Helper. Walter.
  4. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm no further ahead. Cheers, Walter
  5. When I use helper with the ^ ⌘C to paste a rectangle from the screen into the Evolution Helper quick note. It puts it in the window but then it freezes the Evernote helper window. i.e. I click save to Evernote or any other icon an nothing happens. Activity Monitor will allow me to force quit Evernote helper but it continues to have the problem. BTW Evernote Helper still works as a quick note feature - i.e. I can type in it and save it to evernote. I have tried: Complete reinstall after complete cleanups using appDelete Initially from the app store - and now again from Evernote.com I have also deleted all trash - secure delete - a few times in the process of reinstalls. I'm on a the most recent MacBook Pro 13" Using the latest El Capitan Screenshot attached (using the Mac built in option Walter
  6. In the iPad Clever just crashes. Yet design is simple logical an it has the features. Evernote on iPad is deeply flawed in its design philosophy but it crashes less than Clever. That is the summary of my experience
  7. + 1 for drafts - using that for Evernote on iPhone. There is a problem with Evernote design and engineering. They need Steve Jobs to come back (to get rid of all the distracting side products) and to sack Scott Forstall and buy up the Drafts team.
  8. I got it, cancel the search and the back button comes back. Walter
  9. How do you get out of the tag search, back to the menu? Ipad, landscape, ios7. There is no back button.
  10. Weird. Id tried plenty of times to change the short cut. I tried "ctrl command" with various other letters. Just now I succeeded. I changed it to "shift command P" it then worked. Then changed it back to cntrl command C - the default - and it too now works. It is a really useful little short cut.
  11. The other shortcuts do. perhaps som other program has usurped it? Any ideas. Walter
  12. Yes please, keep it clean simple, no skeuomorphism -- it looks bad on the iPad as well. The saved searches on the Mac still do not scroll.
  13. I will need to change from the App Store version for that I think. Are there any pit falls in that?
  14. On the Mac - same problem in 5.00 with my long list of saved searches AND Can't find how to edit the searches (that was a cool feature recently added to 4.00 How do I create a new saved search? - I used to use the File: New Saved Search Am I missing something?
  15. I figured it out. I looked in the Activity log (Help > Activity Log ...) and saw it mentioned one note as an exception thus: I loaded that note again - opened the items that were saved in it, re saved them and closed them and the sync worked after that. I think I'd shut Evernote down while those files were open.
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