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  1. Ah! I've found a work around. I have the Clipper which also takes screen shots! Still there is something not right with Evernote Helper. Walter
  2. Hi DTLow Those five items are really one item, they are a screenshot from my side bar. It is right after I take the screenshot that the Helper freezes. The screen shots probably disappear when I use Activity Monitor to force quit Evernote Helper. Walter.
  3. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm no further ahead. Cheers, Walter
  4. When I use helper with the ^ ⌘C to paste a rectangle from the screen into the Evolution Helper quick note. It puts it in the window but then it freezes the Evernote helper window. i.e. I click save to Evernote or any other icon an nothing happens. Activity Monitor will allow me to force quit Evernote helper but it continues to have the problem. BTW Evernote Helper still works as a quick note feature - i.e. I can type in it and save it to evernote. I have tried: Complete reinstall after complete cleanups using appDelete Initially from the app store - and now again from Evernote.com
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