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  1. Evernote's new Web Beta under-serves Chromebook users. I use Evernote on many devices. It is the feature that brought me to Evernote in the first place. The Web Beta version assumes this, as far as I can tell. It assumes that I am accessing Evernote on much more robust platforms like a Mac or PC (or, when compared to Web Beta, an iPhone). I'm concerned that with the increase in Chromebook/web exclusive users, particularly for education, the clean-ness of this new Web Beta will be so simple that the program will not be useful to those who are Chromebook-primary. Add to that the fact the Google Keep is going to continually increase in usability on those devices and I become concerned that more people will miss the chance to work with a program that is incredible, useful, and productive: Evernote. Certainly all of the people at Evernote have invested significantly in the program. The users have, too. I am a pastor, and Evernote literally runs my church. I'm sure they already have, but it seems that Evernote must reconsider increasing the functionality of the Web Beta version (and on a personal note, please let that functionality include nested tags), or keeping two Web versions - one robust and one for multi-platform users who need immediate access to note editing.
  2. Here's the conversation I had with Evernote support. This tag issue should be resolved by tomorrow. Sanders: Hello, Kent Reeder. Please allow me a moment while I review your question.Sanders: I'd be glad to assist you with this. Are you referring to the Evernote Chrome clipper?Kent Reeder: No. I'm referring to using Evernote online, creating and editing notes, etc.Kent Reeder: I went on the Evernote user forum and a handful of others have noticed the same thing as of about 12 hours ago.Sanders: I understand. I'm really sorry about this issue, we were updating our servers last night and caused some things to change, they should be back to normal by tomorrow's morning.Kent Reeder: That's very good to know. Thank you. With your permission, I'll post this conversation into the Evernote Forum thread concerning this.Sanders: Of course, you're welcome Kent. Is there anything else I can assist you with right now other than this?
  3. This is happening to me, too. I've been an Evernote user for years and I use 1 notebook with intuitive, hierarchical tags in a David Allen, "Getting Things Done" style system. I've used both iOS, android, Chrome, and Windows versions for over a year. (That's the beauty of Evernote. It works Everywhere.) Today, for the first time, all of my tags in Chrome are suddenly in alphabetical order with the old hierarchy indentations applied, just like wyattf has experienced. And I am unable to adjust it. I'm rather fully invested in Evernote. If I have to change the way I think about the tags, tell me, I'll just deal with it. If you're going to change something like this in the future, just let me know it is coming. But in my mind - and if I'm wrong, let me know - the key differences in Evernote between tags and notebooks are two: 1) All tags can apply to any note. Not so with notebooks. 2) A note can have multiple tags. Not so with notebooks. Because of these differences, notebooks are useful for sharing notes, for VERY specific and clear ending projects, and for very unique reference material development (in which you'd want to search without any other possible interference.) Tags, however, are truly useful for organizing the thousands of notes you can store in Evernote and finding them in the long run. So, can anyone tell us if we are going to have hierarchical notes anymore in Chrome?
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