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  1. OK, I got email from Evernote about this bug (because I had reported it). It turns out the new version that is supposed to fix the problem is actually 7.10.1 (April 3, 2019) -- which is what I have just installed. (7.10.0 was actually the latest version available an hour ago). Version 7.10.1 seems to be working much better for me. Thanks, Evernote staff!
  2. The new Chrome extension (7.10.0, April 1, 2019) still doesn't work for me. Even if I click "Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit:On click" I just turn off the keyboard shortcuts for the Clipper and that seems to be ok (in the sense that it doesn't interfere with Gmail shortcuts). I'm not using the Evernote clipper keyboard shortcuts anyhow. Are other people having better luck?
  3. Yes, I had to dig around to end up finding this same problem. I tweeted this problem to Evernote Helps:
  4. Is there still interest in Automator Actions related to Evernote? I'm just learning about how to create such actions.
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