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  1. OK, I got email from Evernote about this bug (because I had reported it). It turns out the new version that is supposed to fix the problem is actually 7.10.1 (April 3, 2019) -- which is what I have just installed. (7.10.0 was actually the latest version available an hour ago). Version 7.10.1 seems to be working much better for me. Thanks, Evernote staff!
  2. The new Chrome extension (7.10.0, April 1, 2019) still doesn't work for me. Even if I click "Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit:On click" I just turn off the keyboard shortcuts for the Clipper and that seems to be ok (in the sense that it doesn't interfere with Gmail shortcuts). I'm not using the Evernote clipper keyboard shortcuts anyhow. Are other people having better luck?
  3. Yes, I had to dig around to end up finding this same problem. I tweeted this problem to Evernote Helps:
  4. Is there still interest in Automator Actions related to Evernote? I'm just learning about how to create such actions.
  5. Overall, I'm extremely happy with Evernote -- next to the web browser and email, it's the most important application I run on my Mac every day. So I prioritize reliability over new features. Sure, I'd be glad to have new features if stuff doesn't break. Every time Evernote upgrades its Mac client, I am then faced with the question: should I upgrade or not? I don't want to fall behind too far, but I want the bugs to be shaken out before I upgrade. Maybe I should be more conservative and wait until a version has had time to be out in the public before upgrading. At any rate, I'm happy that I've figured out a way to downgrade to 5.6.2. I'll wait until support confirms that the bug I reported has been fixed.
  6. Version 5.7.x has made notes with long URLs hard to work with since it treats long URLs as long words and calculates the width of notes based on long notes. Hence I get lots of lines running off the screen. See a little screencast/demo of the problem. I've reported the problem (Ticket# 800339). To echo JMichael's comment, I too wonder what happened to Evernote's promised focus on quality over new features. Is it that one can't run Evernote at all on Yosemite, and hence there has to be a new release for Yosemite? I am thinking of downgrading to 5.6.2. I tried just replacing Evernote 5.7.2 with 5.6.2 but got the error message that the version of Evernote is too old for the data in place. I guess I'll have to wipe the database and download all my notes again if I want to go back to 5.6.2. [i've found a thread on how to delete the old data.]
  7. For me, v 5.4.4 fixed the problem of not being able to attach pdfs (and other files) to the notes.
  8. Jackolicious: Why is Evernote so reluctant to providing binaries for earlier versions of Evernote? It'd help me as a customer if you provided some rationale for not letting us download v 5.4.2 or 5.4.1?
  9. Moment after responding to Jackolicious, I receive the following comment from Evernote support in regards to my currently open ticket about not being able to attach files w/ Evernote 5.4.3 on 10.6.x: Thanks for your patience, are you able to upgrade your OS at all? We need you to be on either 10.7.5 or 10.8.5 or 10.9 in order to troubleshoot your issue further. I was flabbergasted. And annoyed. My immediate response: Are you saying that you are IMMEDIATELY DROPPING SUPPORT (in fact, RETROACTIVELY) for 10.6 that you won't continue to help me with this issue? What's going on, Evernote? If you won't fix 5.4.3 for 10.6 for us, then please, please send us links to 5.4.2, 5.4.1 so that we can at least revert to a version we were happy/happier with.
  10. About "All feature development and bug fixing on 10.6 will stop": I have no problem with the cessation of "feature development" for 10.6, but when you say "bug fixing" will stop too, that makes me concerned. Presumably, when Evernote considered 5.4.3 a "stable build" for 10.6 -- otherwise, why would Evernote have released it? Do you have any reassurance to offer that the final build will be "stable enough" to make a stop to bug fixing a responsible position? One solution I would actually be relatively happy with is for Evernote to make available a whole series of previous releases for us to download. I have to say that there was a fairly recent predecessor to 5.4.3 with which I was quite pleased. At the very least, I could attach pdfs without issue. Can Evernote provide such an archive?
  11. Jack, in the midst of my griping about Evernote, I want you to hear that I'm so grateful to Evernote for a wonderful product and service that has fundamentally altered the way I work and, indeed, think and live. I'm grumpy because I depend so much on Evernote to work well for me. And vast majority of the time, it does splendidly. As for 10.6, I completely understand that Presentation Mode won't be supported. What bothered me was that I had to discover that fact myself and report it to Support (after all the lovely hype about Presentation Mode on a Mac, in which nowhere was it mentioned the 10.7+ requirement). If there had been a note that said, "sorry, not in 10.6 -- upgrade!", I would have said "fair enough".
  12. MnM: To clarify: you've actually heard support say that Evernote is no longer supporting 10.6? I've never seen any official statement from Evernote to that effect. In fact, when I complained to support about the sub-optimal experience of Evernote on Snow Leopard, I didn't see any indication that 10.6 had become deprecated. I'll ask support again to see what I hear. I'd love to hear an official statement from Evernote on its support level for Snow Leopard. I can understand that Evernote will want to drop support for 10.6, but it really needs to be clear on when that's going to happen so we users have warning.
  13. I have this problem and have reported it to support. No solution yet. I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and feel that the quality of the Evernote experience for 10.6.x has been in decline in the last 6 months. No support for presentation mode. (I had to report this fact before it was recognize by Evernote support.) The latest version of Skitch don't work on it. I'm afraid that if I don't upgrade to later versions of OS X, I'll soon be orphaned as an Evernote user. (I know I'm ranting a bit because of frustration!)
  14. I just reported this issue to Evernote support and was told that the devs know about this issue and are working on it.
  15. Today, I ran into a problem with v 5.0.4 that convinced me to roll back to v 5.0.2 -- that is, the Copy Note Link functionality is broken in 5.0.4 (Snow Leopard). When I copy the note link and then paste it in a note, I don't get a full link but rather only the title of the note whose Note Link I was trying to copy and paste.
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