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  1. Not a very "orthodox" way of doing it, but you can set it to English by removing the other language files from the installation folder, thus forcing the app to use the English. Normal installation: C:\Users\{your_user}\AppData\Local\Programs\Evernote\locales Windows Store: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Evernote.Evernote_10.20.4.0_x86__q4d96b2w5wcc2\app\locales Mind that these are the default locations, so it may be in a different folder depending on wich version you have or if you have chosen a different location for during the installation process. Wish it could be a setting you could choose from. I'm not allowed to change the language of my Windows due to company policies, but I like using the English language for practicing and keeping in touch with the language. Hope it helps
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