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  1. Hello All, For those of us that follow all or some of the GTD principles, or are just working to always capture ideas and get them out of our heads ASAP, I've come across a tool that has become my one and only digital capture tool at this point. Its an app called Braintoss. Right now its only available for iOS, but an Android one is coming soon. The premise is pretty simple. Launch the app and choose to capture as either voice, text, or image. Whatever you captured then gets sent off to the email address of your choice. You set one email address as your default, but can add more
  2. Hello, I have stumbled across a note taking application for ipad called AudioNote and I love it. While taking notes via handwriting or text, the user can also record audio. The audio is then synced with the text on the page. After the meeting/class/whatever is over, touching a pice of text automatically plays back the audio recorded at the time the text was written. We already have the ability to record audio notes. Is there any way we can connect the audio to the text? Would be amazing for meeting notes and class lectures. Jason
  3. I am still figuring out how to integrate GTD and EN myself, but my initial impression is that the OP may not be truly following the GTD process. One of the cornerstones of GTD is separating the capturing process and the processing process. By saying he wants to edit notes on the go and add things to his various lists when he has an idea, I think he is combining the two. When walking down the street or driving in a car and we have an idea, this is not the time to add it to a list or work it into an existing project. The only concern is capturing it to process later. I will share my current
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