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  1. There seems to be some problem with EN Clipper and Macs in general The same problem exists with Safari 5.1.10 and Snow Leopard which use an older version of Clipper. It started out of nowhere , became intermittent and then just stopped working. There has been no fix from EN,. This has been going on for several months. Clipper works fine with Chrome though!
  2. When I try to delete something in a note, I will put the cursor behind the word and hit delete. The proceeding letter will be gone but the cursor will move to the bottom of the page instead of staying in place so I can delete the previous letter. This happens about 95% of the time. I am using an iPad Air (ios 7.0.6) and am not zoomed in. Is anyone else having this problem? Sass
  3. I have a Premium membership and am totally unable to clip anything on my computer. I have an iBook Pro running Snow Leopard and am using Safari 5.1.1 I just uninstalled the latest update of Web Clipper. It will not work at all. It won't even open. This tends to make many of the files I use an share with my mobile devices useless as they need editing from time to time (and mobile doesn't support this). I am SOL with Evernote unless I can revert to a former version of Web Clipper. Is there one available? Sass
  4. Am I missing something or is it impossible to hide the sidebar. I can hardly read some of my notes (I store a lot of crochet patterns and recipes) . I used to be able to see the entire note, but now the sidebar takes up so much room that it is making Evernote almost useless most of the time. Please, someone, steer me in the right direction. Jeanie
  5. My time is correct, but I am having the same issue with Safari on my MacBook Plus. Unbelievably frustrating! This is a very poor feature of Evernote. It takes less time to save an article as a .pdf and save it to Dropbox ot to store it in Instapaper!
  6. I am so tired of having to sign in every time I want to clip or do almost anything with Evernote. I am the sole user of my computer in a home setting and find the security intrusive. I lose my rhythm. Although I really like Evernote, I'm begining to get second thoughts. How hard would it be to have some of theserestrictions in preferences that we users can turn off or on?
  7. Thanks for the help. I usually just hit the "Clip" button in Safari (on my Mac). I hadden't realized there were optional ways to save. I'll be more observant and see what happens..
  8. I like to clip articles on mt Macbook Pro and read them on my ipad later - often when I have no web access. Sometimes they are exact copies (including images) of the web page, but sometimes they are just URLs that have to be opened in Safarri. This makes Web Clipper useless to me if I am on a plane or somewhere that has no internet access. Am I missing somethimg? Why the discrepency in formats?
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