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  1. Dear all, I wouldn't call my contribution an "argument". It was a suggestion, request, and personal recommendation, which yes, is biased as i work in a coporate setting every day. As you can see i am very new to evernote and am learning about the program. And as Peter mentioned, large corporations are not Evernote's target market.......too bad for me LOL. I will still continue to use it for my personal notes. @JMichale The main features i would like to see in the table options are: - ability to sort - ability to add multiple rows/column as opposed to adding one at a time - ability to color code cells - getting rid of the autoformat cells Maybe these features do exist and i am doing something wrong. I would also like to thank @JMichael for reminding me that i could attach excel files. Because of this, we may very well go ahead and purchase the full version. I believe you deserve some commision ;-) Thanks again everyone, Regards.
  2. In hopes that this thread gets to a developer i would like to contribute the following: I work in the marketing department for a very large corporation. I found this app on my own for note taking. Evernote is an absolutely amazingly efficient program which i am very happy i discovered. It is great for note taking and does what it should do an more in that aspect. However, I am part of a multi-member team at work. We would like to share files, in particular planners. The table construction option is evernote is the ONLY thing deterring us from purchasing the paid version. The way the tables autoformat and shift is far from user friendly. It makes it next to impossible to keep efficient, organized planners. I am very dissapointed with the table building aspect and i believe that your company could really utilize this to create partnerships with large corporations. Every business uses tables and excel and because it is so frustrating and glitchy with making tables, you will not get the business you want. Thank you for listening and i hope to see and update to this issue!
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