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  1. IMO, guessing how EN works & therefore attempting to guess how a particular feature could be incorporated serves no practical purpose. Especially since... You know, I understand you are sick and tired of people picking up this topic all the time, but I don't think your hostile tone all over the topic is more helpful. I'm looking around for "my preferred" notetaking-tool for a while now and I keep bumping into Evernote. I do like the notebook/tag/search-management. It's really important for me to have at least a standalone-client with offline-access to all notes for Windows. Having one for android is a big bonus. Built in synchronization for all the clients is great, it's useful to write down things at home and have them available on the go. The ability to clip anything and basic text-formatting is more then enough for me (although I do miss the tab-char somewhat). The closest competitor for me would be CintaNotes and that is far behind in a lot of areas (actually it only has the tag/search-management and a native, lightweight Windows-client to offer). So to go with deverill's comparison: I do want the SUV. I think the comparison with a lack of seatbelts on the SUV is fitting. The answer people asking here get is something in the lines of "The SUV is so big and heavy, nothing will shake you enough you might need them, but if you're worried, just drive safely - or take the Porsche, it has seatbelts". I thought about making makeshift-seatbelts by syncing my windows-databases (including offline notebooks to store "sensitive" data in) externally, so my first alternative is to use Evernote, yet the whole "go away, we don't need you"-mantra of some people here does get to me slowly. And point 3 in deverill's list was just the reason why I felt like it would be helpful to the discussion to look at the functionality and write up what I think 'better encryption' would mean for me. I didn't like the approach of encoding single notes and breaking search-features as it was discussed earlier in this topic. But I do think having "lockable" notebooks that offer all search features for the encrypted text while "unlocked" is a way that works for evernote (even better than the approach right now of putting small locks at multiple places). By the way: even the problem of online-availability with my concept can be solved, SpiderOak (online-backup and sync, think Dropbox) for example encrypts all data locally, but allows the user to view it on their servers by decrypting it for the duration of the session. Actually I wasn't even expecting anything like "we'll get on it right now", I just wanted an educated opinion on how well the approach would work in Evernote. The response I felt I might get, would have to do with the index being stored per client and the notes as a chain of deltas with new deltas from sync being applied to both the current state of the note and the (notebook-independent) index. Even if there would be any kind of positive response to the concept itself, I expected an answer similiar to "we're a small team and can't focus in this feature for now". So no, I'm not demanding them to jump at it right now.
  2. To get back to practical discussion on the topic, I'd like to hear something from the devs about the feasibility of following approach: Assumptions: 1) Some notebooks seem to need to be available in a self-contained fashion (offline, shared notebooks), so I would guess index is stored per notebook (and can be encrypted together with it). 2) Guessing from the fact that evernote-clients work offline I would assume they do the indexing themselves. With both assumptions it seems possible to encrypt complete notebooks as a blob of data. An encrypted notebook would be handled in a similiar fashion to offline notebooks but decrypted inside evernote and 'blindly' synced to the server (not trivial I assume after a look at the sync-spec). The user can choose them to be in 'closed' state on program-startup, so he has to input his encryption-password before the contents can be accessed. Once it is 'open' the content is handled in the same way as for any non-encrypted notebook. Obviously encrypted notebooks would only be accessible from standalone clients (and Evernote does have the advantage of having them 'everywhere'). If you don't want the information to be readable to anyone with access to the server and/or your account: put it in an encrypted notebook for another obstacle in the way. Additionally keeping the notebook closed when not currently in use would grant some protection from people with access to the machine.
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