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  1. Back in July I posted this: You said that you were looking into a fix for when the public completed version of El Capitan released. Still the same issue except the "-webkit-standard"has been changed to "Default" - but its still bolded gotham that cannot be unbolded! I know this seems minor, but for my OCD it is terrible! I have over 1000 notes that have lost all formatting and are all bold! This is unreal! Tried to uninstall then reinstall, no luck. Please help me find a fix to revert this back. (Running 6.1.; Mac OS X 10.11)
  2. I updated my OS to the el capitan beta and for some reason the fonts in all my notes has changed to "-webkit-standard", which looks like a bolded version of Gotham. I cannot unbold the text and Gotham is no longer a choice in my font selections. I am running 6.0.16. Any fix for this?
  3. You said, "Without opening the app you can create new notes"….whenever I click the "text" note from the notification center, it opens the app...does yours not do this?
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